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HR digitalization with SAP and MHP

HR teams are also benefiting increasingly from digital solutions, as they help in designing many different processes efficiently, focusing on employees and competitiveness. In MHP, you have a partner with long-standing experience in the conception, implementation and integration of innovative HR solutions based on SAP.

A strong foundation for a stable HR organization.

Without a doubt, well-organized processes are vital for such a multi-layered and vibrant sector as personnel management. Companies mostly use a central software solution for the main HR processes, complemented by company-specific systems including cloud and web-based applications in particular.

This core is frequently formed by SAP HCM as an on-premises solution. It not only increases the efficiency of core administrative HR processes, but also supplies the data for almost all HR procedures that make up a successful employee journey. SAP organization management provides you with a strong foundation for your organizational and operational structure – it precisely maps your company structure and controls many workflow-based processes. Employee-related data for administrative, time tracking and payrolling purposes are pooled correctly in a central location.

Refining standards

The SAP standard solution often covers the majority of processes required in the HR sector, however every company has individual requirements of its own. This is where we come in with our wide-ranging expertise in the development of individual solutions, expansion technologies, frameworks and interfaces for SAP HCM. You also benefit from the comprehensive specialist HR background of our teams.

Some examples of non-standard solutions: based on SAP Fiori ESS/MSS we customize standard self-service scenarios for you or develop automated rule-based authorization issuance as well as a fully integrated Fiori authorization request. We can also integrate a Fiori application for incorporating target management into SAP HCM.

HR processes in the cloud

If you are already aiming to relocate your HR processes to the cloud now, SAP SuccessFactors or Workday is the best option. The attractive, intelligent and connected platform SAP SuccessFactors covers all core HR functions and can be enhanced by extensions like our MHP Hybrid Form Factory. It uses a simple method to integrate existing forms into SuccessFactors from an on-premises SAP HCM system. We also offer our in-house developed "MHP sMaRT", a highly efficient reporting and analysis tool for your HR department and management and the hybrid SAP HCM system landscape and SuccessFactors.

To avoid any process breaks occurring between the core system, extensions and interfaces and other systems, we use SAP Cloud Platform Integration. It enables the seamless connection of different systems. Uninterrupted HR processes are thus possible without complications like an outdated Excel document having to be manually loaded into the HCM from the performance process. Overall acceptance and user friendliness of your HR systems is thus ensured and susceptibility to errors is reduced.

Our manufacturer and product-neutral approach guarantees you a set-up with the best-matched components in each case. Therefore SAP SuccessFactors or Workday may be used as the main master data and talent management system and linked to SAP HCM. We attach importance here to an end-to-end approach and implementation of process and system interfaces in order to reap maximum benefit from an automated and fully digitized HR solution.

Prefacing this and based on a cloud readiness analysis, we can best advise you on areas within your company that may not be ready for the cloud, and provide you with recommendations for next steps that must be taken before cloud implementation. Successfully rolling out HR cloud software always involves a transformation for you and must be duly considered.

MHP Skill Matching

As the name suggests, MHP Skill Matching brings together employees, jobs and projects intelligently. The tool supports transformation in its transparent and straightforward matching of vacancies and projects to available employee skills.

MHP Skill Matching comprises semantic skills concepts and can be dynamically expanded and integrated into HR cloud solutions like SuccessFactors. The tool achieves a high standard of quality in the matching of employee skills to job and project requirements.

MHP Skill Matching can intelligently match employee interests and skill gaps with learnings to thus optimally promote employee development.

Accurate HR analysis and forecasts

HR is about people – so it is all the more important that decisions are taken on the basis of correct information. SAP HR Analytics lets you combine a wide variety of data sources, compile standard key figures across the company and collate them flexibly. We also support you with machine learning in order to obtain valid forecasts based on predictive analytics for your HR future.

We are well-versed in all current SAP tools in this area and assess which are suited to your company.

Why MHP is the right partner for digital HR transformation

We have acted for many years as a trusted advisor to prestigious mobility and manufacturing companies in the rolling out of modern digital HR processes. With our combination of process and technology know-how and strong expertise in change management consulting, we set your HR organization on course for the future.

Using innovations, concepts and state-of-the-art technologies, we move your processes to where they belong, with your employees and managers. We offer you maximum, transparent support and close, partnerly cooperation.

Set new standards for your relationship to employees, HR personnel and applicants – with high-end HR solutions from SAP and MHP.

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