Modern HR - work of the future

A characteristic feature of the economic environment in which companies and employees must exist is the volatility of products and services. Being economically successful under volatile conditions does not mean understanding change as a danger. This means that organizations and people must be coordinated with each other to meet these recurring changes productively as a symbiosis.

Modern HR Organization and its Orientation
Willingness and ability to change structures, processes, competencies - make companies and individuals resilient in a rapidly and increasingly unpredictably changing world. Resilience is the organizational and individual response to disruption and will become an essential characteristic in the working world of the future.

HR departments take on complex tasks and bear a great responsibility for the success of every company while finding, hiring and developing the right talents for this and deploying them in the right position, as well as helping to develop the right position and organization.

One thing is clear: digital transformation is already changing HR work today. It has the potential, the task and the duty to change from the administration of employees to the active development of employees. It thus has a direct influence on the added value of one of the scarcest goods of the next few years - people and their potential.

Why MHP is the right partner for People & Organisation.
As trusted advisors, we have been supporting the introduction of new HR processes and methods that create real added value for many years. Our customers benefit in particular from the symbiosis of expertise and outstanding technology competence. This combination supports the holistic conception and implementation of digital, process-related and organizational HR solutions and strategies. Our portfolio covers the entire range of HR transformation - from cloud readiness, HR governance, process design, IT governance and architecture to change management, rollout concepts and the transformation of the company as such.

We think beyond departmental boundaries: Our consulting approach includes the entire environment, including employee potential, business models, strategies and products. Our goal is to develop a company's organization in such a way that it can continue to transform itself in the future. To achieve this, we work with modern methods for agile organizational development, which have already been successfully applied several times as well as with leadership models based on these methods. We rely on proven state-of-the-art SAP and Workday applications for implementation.

Our visible success: We have already received two "Best of Consulting" awards for HR projects.

Outstanding HR tools made by MHP.
In addition to the development of individual, customer-specific HR solutions, we also offer self-developed applications that significantly facilitate the daily business of personnel and managers. Here is an overview:

  • SuccessFactors – Based on SAP SuccessFactors and SAP HCM Payroll, we have set up a cloud application that enables companies to carry out a collectively agreed performance assessment by their managers and automatically transfer the performance bonuses relevant to remuneration to SAP HCM payroll.
  • AU Scan – This solution based on SAP HCM organizes the entire processing of a certificate of incapacity for work. The employee photographs the received document with a mobile app at the doctor's; the file is automatically processed and transmitted to the employer - this establishes a highly efficient validation and correction process in addition to fully automated processing.
  • MHP Skill Matching – Using a mobile app, executives and HR managers get an overview of the expertise of all employees and match them to the specific requirements of a project. The right employees for a project are found with just one click. At the same time, the app can create transparency in the comparison of vacancies and available employee skills and evaluate individual training requirements.

Study: Agility in the automotive industry

A number of influencing factors ensure constant change in the VUCA world. Companies have to adapt quickly to these changes and, in the best case, use them as an opportunity if they want to remain successful in the long term.

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