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Spirit of OneMHPTeam dominates at MHP FESTIVAL 2023

Impulses for a better tomorrow

  • Employee event "MHP FESTIVAL OF DIGITAL EXCELLENCE" held at festival site and virtually on 30 June
  • Over 3,200 MHP employees together experienced the spirit of the OneMHPTeam
  • Prominent guests: Katja Berlin, Marc Buckley and Dr Teo Pham
  • Sustainability a high priority: planning consistently follows the three R principles of circular economy

Ludwigsburg – The annual MHP FESTIVAL OF DIGITAL EXCELLENCE took place on 30 June 2023 at a newly designed festival site covering more than 15,000 square metres in Ludwigsburg. Participants could look forward interesting talks on, and insights into industry and sustainability trends from over 30 speakers, including keynote speeches from top future shapers such as ZEIT columnist Katja Berlin, AI expert Dr Teo Pham, tech enthusiast Mina Saidze and sustainability expert Marc Buckley.

The various lectures, panels and discussions at the MHP FESTIVAL also focused on possible strategies for companies, such as how artificial intelligence or the industrial metaverse will shape the factory of the future. Furthermore, the participants were given insights into topics such as "Chances and limits of ChatGPT & Co", "Software-defined vehicles", "Reality check for sustainable urban development" and many more.

In the Experience Area, MHP employees had the opportunity to immerse themselves interactively and playfully in the Industrial Metaverse with VR headsets, or to test the customer experience of tomorrow in an immersive configurator. Numerous lounge areas for exchanging ideas with colleagues rounded off the successful festival experience.

Planning of the MHP Festival follows the three R principles of circular economy

On the road to a better tomorrow, the subject of sustainability has a very special role to play. The transformation to sustainable management is one of the greatest challenges and at the same time the greatest opportunity for the industry. MHP, the largest subsidiary of Porsche AG, supports customers with IT solutions in their transformation to more sustainability, as well as in realising potentials and implementing sustainable business systems holistically.

It was therefore a matter of course that the entire festival was planned to comply as comprehensively as possible with the circular economy’s three “R” principles: Reduce, Re-use and Recycle. This included, for example, ensuring that all invited MHP staff chose the most environmentally friendly way to travel to and from the festival, acquiring catering from local suppliers and using recycled materials that will be used again in the future.

Dr Ralf Hofmann, co-founder, partner and CEO of MHP: "Each and every one of us here is passionate about the topic that drives us: Enabling you to shape a better tomorrow. We see our purpose as a commitment that starts with ourselves. That's why the 3 Rs have also been our guiding principles in planning and implementing our festival."

Sustainable planning focussed on eight areas

During the planning process, a total of eight areas were looked at closely and with various measures then being introduced to make them as sustainable as possible: In the field of mobility, for example, arrival and departure via public transport and bus shuttles were encouraged. Efficient shuttle planning and hotels close to the location were to help employees leave as small a footprint as possible. For the equipment and facilities, or to be more precise, the stands, furniture and banners, MHP relied as much as possible on wooden materials or rental offers, for example for plants and fabric decoration, which were then reused. The Berlin start-up Trash Galore took on some of the wood and donated it to kindergartens for handicrafts. And the now very familiar festival wood chips were subsequently used in gardening and landscaping. On the catering side, MHP opted for vegan and vegetarian food, as it did last year, because the absence of meat significantly reduces the CO₂ footprint. Products and suppliers, with a focus on organic certification, almost all came from the region. 100 per cent compostable tableware was used and the quantities of food were calculated according to the number of participants at different times, so that there was actually nothing left over. If there had been leftovers, they could have been collected and redistributed for a good cause via foodsharing.

Susanne Klein, Head of Marketing and responsible for planning the MHP employee festival, adds: "The festival embodies our great ambition to actively contribute to a 'better tomorrow'. It was very important to us to make this vision tangible, everyday and close enough for everyone to touch."


The MHP FESTIVAL OF DIGITAL EXCELLENCE takes place annually and is primarily organised for MHP employees. Guests can participate virtually. Last year, a total of around 2,700 visitors came to Ludwigsburg; this year there were more than 3,200.

Many of the lectures and talks given at the festival are available in the MHP Media Library: https://www.mhp.com/de/mhp-festival-of-digital-excellence#c4971 

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