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MHP once again among the top 10 IT consultancies

Lünendonk List 2023

  • MHP among the top 10 IT consulting companies in Germany in Lünendonk list
  • With sales of 643.2 million euros in Germany: improvement by one place from 10th to 9th place
  • IT services market continues to grow

Ludwigsburg - MHP ranks ninth in Lünendonk's 2023 list of "Leading IT consulting and system integration companies in Germany". This means that the management and IT consultancy has improved its ranking by one place and is – once again – one of the top 10 leading IT service providers in Germany.

For its ranking, the research company Lünendonk takes into account all companies that generate more than 60 percent of their sales with services in the areas of management and IT consulting, systems integration, software development and software implementation. The decisive factor for the ranking is the sales generated in Germany. In 2022 - the period under review for the current ranking - MHP generated sales of EUR 643.2 million in Germany (total MHP sales: EUR 703 million). Compared to the previous year, this corresponds to growth of around 16.5 percent. The average growth of all companies listed in the ranking was 13.2 percent in 2022.

Dr. Ralf Hofmann, co-founder, shareholder and CEO of MHP: "We are very pleased with the result - it confirms once again that we are on the right track. The market for IT services is still on a growth trajectory with high demand around topics such as cloud transformation and software development. With our new Industrial Cloud Solutions business area, we now offer our customers cloud-based products for their digital transformation in addition to our expertise."

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