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MHP at the World Economic Forum in Davos 2023

Innovations and technologies for a better tomorrow

  • Management and IT consultancy MHP as exclusive partner of Future/io at the World Economic Forum 2023
  • Dr. Ralf Hofmann, CEO of MHP with a powerful presentation on site
  • Innovations and technologies are the key to a better tomorrow

Ludwigsburg / Davos - As part of the World Economic Forum 2023 in Davos, the Future/io invited to a two-hour lecture series on sustainable innovations and regenerative futures. As an important partner of the institute, Dr. Ralf Hofmann, co-founder, shareholder and CEO at MHP was also on site.

"We are no longer living in a cocoon, we all need to be butterflies to transform our business and society to sustainability before the decade is over", said Harald Neidhardt, CEO and Curator of Future/io, opening this year's reception at the 2023 World Economic Forum in Davos. Futurists, innovators, business leaders, creatives and activists have been presenting their current insights on sustainable innovations and regenerative futures in short contributions. As an exclusive partner, MHP was also present.

"We need to use innovations and technologies much more intensively for a better tomorrow. I am one hundred percent convinced of that! Otherwise, we won't make it", summarized Dr. Ralf Hofmann, co-founder, shareholder and CEO at MHP. "Competence, speed, facilitators and enablers are the four success factors that will drive change."

In his presentation, Ralf Hofmann also explained that it is important for companies to produce in the most CO2-saving way possible. "But that alone will not be enough", he emphasized. "In addition, we need financial incentives to massively increase our pace of innovation in ecologically and economically sensible, publicly accessible technologies with the help of the world's best researchers." There is enough money for this, he said, as long as all companies participate. This should be ensured by the international community in order to avoid distortions of competition.

In essence, all the speakers agree that now is the time to act and that there is therefore no longer any time to maneuver. In addition, sustainability is at the top of the agenda - for all players: Many representatives from politics and industry have made clear commitments, for example the European Commission with its announcement of a Net Zero Industry Act as a response to the American Inflation Reduction Act.

Further contents and concrete measures as well as proposals of MHP can be read here: 5 Takeaways from Davos – MHP at the World Economic Forum

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