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Florian Strauß new partner at MHP

Florian Strauß is a new partner at MHP

Responsible for Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics since January 1, 2023

Ludwigsburg - From January 1 2023, Florian Strauß is responsible for Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistics in the Markets department. His focus is on identity-based corporate management, change, transformation and communication.

Over the past 20 years, Florian has held management positions in several renowned brand and communications consultancies. Here, he primarily supported top management in a wide range of industries in the development and implementation of strong values and visions.

"The goal was always to reconcile economic growth, future viability and sustainable solutions", Florian Strauß recounts. On the way to a Better Tomorrow (MHP's purpose), there is a lot of potential in the Transportation & Logistics division. At the same time, it bears a great deal of responsibility, especially in the context of climate change. "There is a lot to do and we at MHP will play an important role in making the logistics world of tomorrow better - as a moderator, as a bridge builder, as a pioneer", Florian Strauß is convinced.

Digital technologies are central to this. But: "In addition to technology, the key success factor for all transformation projects is ultimately people", he says. If you can get employees to recognize the meaning and purpose of the company and identify with it, an "incredible collective force" can emerge.

In this spirit, he now wants to inspire companies for MHP as a partner, develop them as customers and thus successfully expand the Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistics sector.

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