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Acrolinx and MHP form partnership

Increase quality of content, improve processes

  • Software company Acrolinx and management and IT consultancy MHP enter into partnership
  • Development of a consulting approach for a company's holistic content supply chain, the "Content Impact Maturity Model" (CIMM)
  • MHP is responsible for system and process integration, Acrolinx is technology provider

Ludwigsburg - How exactly does a company stand out from the other 400 million active websites and the mass of information and competitors on the market? The answer is: content. Content that creates meaningful interactions with customers in the most targeted way possible and contributes to a positive customer experience. This, in turn, leads to higher engagement and, as a result, higher conversion. At the enterprise level, it is a major challenge to align any content that is created and played out along the customer journey. It is not easy to effectively manage content creation so that terminology and writing style are adhered to and consistent across the organization.

Management and IT consultancy MHP provides a suitable consulting approach to this challenge, as well as the necessary expertise in strategy, process optimization and system integration to help clients design their content more effectively and produce it more efficiently at the enterprise level. With the consulting approach developed by MHP, potential for improvement along the entire content creation process can be identified and qualitatively - measurably - improved with the use of technologies from Acrolinx.

Dr. Robert Marek, Partner at MHP: "The automated generation of uniform content is one of the top trends in the field of customer experience. Together with our partner Acrolinx, we offer our customers the optimal overall solution consisting of specialist CX expertise and a technically leading platform."

Based on already successful collaboration, MHP has developed the so-called Content Impact Maturity Model (CIMM) in cooperation with Acrolinx. This is a consulting approach that enables the holistic content supply chain of a company to be considered and measures to be derived that lead to higher quality, more effective content and more efficient processes.

The CIMM was presented for the first time in October 2022 at Tekom in Stuttgart, the world's largest trade fair for technical communication.

About Acrolinx and the partnership with MHP

Acrolinx is a SaaS provider based in Berlin that offers an AI-based enterprise software solution to help companies create more effective and impactful content, as well as produce content more efficiently. Since September 2021, Acrolinx and MHP have been working together on a joint project for a large German automotive company. While MHP provides consulting services regarding system and process integration, Acrolinx is the technology provider.

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