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Your path to Net Zero:

decarbonization as an investment

  • The challenge: Sustainability requirements for companies are increasing – in particular as a result of Article 19a of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, which sets out a clear strategy for achieving the 1.5°C target. While many companies set ambitious goals, there is often a lack of concrete measures and active management of decarbonization strategies
  • The solution: Active management of CO₂ emissions is essential and reducing emissions should be viewed as an investment, in turn creating a separation between emissions management and economic performance. The climate impact indicator created by climate tech start-up Right.Based on Science allows us to look at decarbonization in a more tangible way, meaning that all those involved can be part of the journey to decarbonization.
  • Our approach: In partnership with Right.Based on Science, we are developing a tailor-made method for calculating the climate impact and individual CO₂ budget for your company. This makes decarbonization easier to budget and manage, similar to a financial budget. What is special about the Right.Based on Science metric is that progress is measured in the same way as the target itself (using degrees Celsius) – making the impact feel even more tangible. 

The industry faces a huge challenge: Decarbonization requires not only new business models, but also cross-company collaboration. Pressure from regulations is intensifying, but how can decarbonization be seen as an investment rather than a cost, and how can economic growth be decoupled from emissions?

We have the answer: Thanks to the XDC model, it is possible to actively control CO2 emissions based on individual CO₂ budgets. This not only ensures regulatory compliance, but also paves the way for sustainable business growth, regardless of emissions. Join us on our journey to Net Zero as we pave the way toward the 1.5°C target. Now is your chance to become a pioneer in a climate-conscious economy.


  • Alexander Appel 
    Manager I Sustainability Mobility Transformation I MHP

  • Tino Kyre 
    Associated Partner I Manuf. & Transp. & Logistics I MHP

  • Dr. Thilo Greshake 
    Partner I Sustainability Mobility Transformation I MHP 

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