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Purchasing Heroes - Change Communication & Enabling at KION

For this reason, the digital transformation should be accompanied strategically!

Most companies are pushing ahead with their digital transformation and - of course - introducing new technologies to achieve this. But for digitization to actually bring the hoped-for success, people must also be taken on board. That is essential. But it's often not that easy. Because people often have reservations about the upcoming changes. That's why digitization projects should always be accompanied by change communication and enabling of the affected users.

The KION Group - a leading global manufacturer of forklift trucks and logistics solutions - recently made this experience. Together with MHP, the Frankfurt-based company supplemented its latest digitization projects with a change, communication and enabling strategy. The focus was on making two aspects clear to employees*: A clear "Why?" and a clear "What is in for me?". In this way, the KION Group ensured that all affected users were aware of the reasons for digitization and the resulting benefits for each individual.

In our MHPDeepDive "Purchasing Heroes - Change Communication & Enabling at KION", we present the rollouts of the latest digitization projects and take a look at the accompanying communication and enabling measures. Jens Brethauer, Vice President Digital Procurement & ERP Systems at the KION Group, supports us in this. The presentation will be followed by a debate on how to deal with challenges in change processes. We discuss the lessons learned from the project at KION and provide valuable best practices that you can use in your projects!


This is what you can expect from our MHPDeepDive:

  • You will learn why digital transformation should be accompanied by suitable communication and enabling strategies.
  • Based on best practice examples, you will learn how to deal with challenges in change processes.
  • You will have the opportunity to engage in an open experience exchange with the speakers and the other participants.


  • Sarah Groh
    Senior Consultant, MHP
  • Lukas Schneider
    Senior Consultant, MHP
  • Jens Brethauer
    Vice President Digital Procurement & ERP-Systems, KION Group AG

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