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Introducing AutoTech: Europe

Championing AutoTech Transformation

The automotive industry is in a state of transformation. Not since the invention of the automobile has the industry experienced such rapid development. For nearly two decades, TU-Automotive Europe has become the leading European event for the automotive technology industry. Electrification, decarbonization, sustainability, new software technologies and new market entrants are shifting the goal posts and forcing traditional automotive manufacturers and the industry to rethink their entire business strategy.

To remain competitive and relevant, the industry needs to change the way it thinks, its future strategy and the way it collaborates. AutoTech: Europe will focus on the future, on innovation, on what can be and what is around the corner.

Joining us on the panel will be our MHP expert Augustin Friedel. In the presentation "Shared Mobility: Finding a Scalable Solution", which will take place on November 15 from 12:25 to 1:10, insights will be provided on how to both attract and retain shared mobility users through concept customization. You'll also learn how to properly set up an organization to remain agile and adaptable.

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