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Autonomy Mobility World EXPO

Driving into the Future: The Autonomous Gap and Beyond

The mobility sector is undergoing a transformation. The relationship with the car has changed in recent years due to alternatives and cost-effective options.

This change will be beneficial for consumers, cities, businesses, and the planet and should be supported and accelerated to enable the possibility of autonomous and freedom-loving mobility. The Autonomy Mobility World Expo connects mobility actors worldwide to create and promote this new mobility ecosystem.

MHP expert Augustin Friedel will participate in an exciting panel discussion on the future of autonomous vehicles and the latest developments in the industry. Experts will discuss the current trends and developments in global technology while also shedding light on the status of robo-taxi projects. Learn what gaps need to be addressed in order for autonomous vehicles to scale. Be part of this fascinating discussion and learn from leading experts in the industry. Register here today!

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Location: Paris

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