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Technologically two steps ahead.
A successful digital transformation requires vision. Those who recognize the potential of tech trends at an early stage and set new standards as early adopters secure decisive advantages in the competition of the future. MHP supports you as an enabler of trending- and leading edge technologies.

Technologies with high potential.
Trending and leading-edge technologies include products, technical concepts, programming languages and hardware with an extraordinarily high potential to play a central role in the future. They have the power to open up new business models and make companies fit for future business challenges.

The most promising trending technologies from our point of view are currently:

Artifical Intelligence (AI) Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud & Platforms Cyber Security Augmented-, Virtual- and Mixed-Reality Cognitive Assistants

How well new, innovative technologies work in the respective business environment depends crucially on the enabler capabilities. In addition to in-depth know-how in the analysis and design of architectures, strong methodological and technical skills are required. A value-enhancing integration of new technologies requires agile procedures, design thinking, Cap2Serv and DevOps as well as many years of experience - for example in the automotive and manufacturing sectors, which are essential for tech trends. MHP combines all this in a comprehensive and holistic consulting approach.

Why MHP is the right partner for Trending Technologies
With our broad skillset in architecture, methodology and expertise, we lead our customers into the future with sustainable tech trends. Our heterogeneous teams offer a horizontal end-to-end service - from requirements analysis through technological implementation to operation. Close communication with our customers and a modular methodology adapted to their needs significantly increase the quality of our solutions. At the same time, coordination effort and project duration are reduced.

With MHP, we are also ideally positioned for vertical end-to-end consulting - with "Deep Dive" in TechStack. Here we implement innovative technologies from infrastructure - such as cloud, docker or Kubernetes - to both back-end and front-end development.

And: with our own tech scouts, we constantly track down current and latest developments and check to what extent they make sense for customer situations - always in the sense of "Best Tech Fit for the Customer".

Take advantage of the potential of trending- and leading-edge technologies today - MHP supports you!

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