Combine strategy, business and technology
Strategic realignments are quickly sketched out on a flip chart - but when it comes to implementing them, this entails complex adjustments to business, IT and infrastructure. With a comprehensive Enterprise Architecture Management, we support companies in the transformation.

Strategy changes require the solution of technical challenges
Whether you are a medium-sized company or a corporate group - IT systems, infrastructure and processes of companies have often grown over many years and decades. This must be taken into account while making strategic adjustments and changing business models. Usually, there are two questions: In which steps should the transformation be tackled? Also: how is a modern business, data, IT and technical infrastructure architecture designed?

Welcome to the domain of Enterprise Architecture Management: It provides the answers and methodological approaches. The right elements and methods are individually selected for each application. The subject area is vast - from the breakdown of the company or area strategy into future business capabilities, the development of scalable, cloud-based and service-oriented platform architectures to the development of complex application architectures.

Holistic look, specific experts.
Within Enterprise Architecture Management, several sub-tasks are handled by architects:

  • Enterprise Architects – they are developing corporate architecture across the board. For example, automation requirements are mapped to the current system landscape, gaps are determined and closed in architecture projects
  • Application Architects – when an application is developed or adapted from an existing one, it structures the functional and non-functional requirements to derive the right components and interfaces
  • Data Architects – Keeping an eye on all data, across system and domain boundaries; they also help companies with data-centric business models and get the most out of data by recognizing and linking existing data sources to deliver new insights through BI cockpits
  • Technology Architects – their job is to unify technical components of the IT infrastructure, reduce technical complexity and create the right build; they support companies in quickly adapting to new conditions (eg when taking over another company)

Why MHP is the right partner for enterprise architecture management
There aren´t many consulting companies covering all architectural levels equally within their portfolio of services - MHP is one of them. Our consultants are just as familiar with the SAP application architecture as they are with digital platform architectures, special business area architectures or comprehensive development planning.

The unique feature of MHP: Our architects live the symbiosis of management and IT - every day, with every project and every customer. They keep an eye on the overall architecture and thus create fully integrated solutions. Every MHP architect is quality-tested and certified by the Enterprise Architecture Unit. Continuous training and analysis of trends is not only our motivation. It is an elementary part of our career paths - this is how we are and will continue to be an initiator and expert in transformation processes.

Harmonize strategy, business, technology and system - using the holistic architectural expertise from MHP.

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