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Special: Survive Under Uncertainty

In times of uncertainty, securing liquidity seems like a logical reflex.

This however affects any mid- or long-term project, especially in R&D, crucial for business continuity.

We believe that reprioritizing and rescoping projects in smaller buckets is a decisive factor to survive under uncertainty.

How? Let’s have a look:
Survive Under Uncertainty

Special: Keep Your CTO Management Organization Running

The current situation is forcing us to work in unforeseen ways.

But much like any challenge, solutions are near when we look closely.

Here are three insights on how to rethink business routines, efficacy and teamwork.

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Keep Your CTO Management Organization Running

Sustainable and holistic optimization of your R&D.

The development of innovative and successful portfolios of products and services is one of the central and most complex tasks of any company. At the same time, the transformation of innovation strategies and ecosystems in product development towards new business models, organizations, processes and collaborative networks is a constant challenge - and at the same time an opportunity.

We are the leading business and technology partner in shaping this transformation of the entire engineering value chain in the mobility and manufacturing ecosystem.

The challenges for R&D.

Responding flexibly to trends and customer demands, guaranteeing consistently high quality and setting new standards - that is the permanent field of tension between internal and external influencing factors the product development departments of many companies are facing. On the one hand, they provide essential impulses for the future viability of portfolios, where on the other hand, they are constantly confronted with changing framework conditions. The rapidly advancing digitalization increases both the speed and the potential for a sustainable transformation of all R&D processes. These are our customers’ central questions:

  • How can the performance of products and portfolios be increased along the entire value chain?
  • How can lead times, quality and efficiency in product development be optimized?
  • Which cross-domain working methods can be used to make product development more efficient, effective, flexible and modern?
  • How does collaboration in changing ecosystems improve overall R&D efficiency?

Here’s why MHP is the right partner for R&D transformation tasks

With MHP, we have been involved in the creation of highly innovative, market-leading products every day for over 20 years. We combine management and IT expertise into a unique consulting end-to-end knowledge that takes all R&D processes into account and fully embeds them into the processes within your organization and into the ecosystem with your suppliers and customers.

We do this through the unique combination of four core competencies:

  • Strategy

    With us, you integrate your corporate vision and strategy into the R&D areas by shaping the interaction of strategy, process, technology and people.

  • Value Chain

    With us, you optimize your value streams in product innovation, creation, manufacturing and operations to master the future challenges to your products and services.

  • Transformation

    With us, you will reach the day after tomorrow faster by orchestrating and sustainably anchoring your digital and agile transformation of the organization from vision to implementation.

  • Technology

    With us, your business model is planned, developed and operated from a single source in a system-neutral manner, from organization, processes and data to technology.

Derived from this, we accompany your transformation from ACTUAL to TARGET in detail with these proven services:

  • R&D Assessment – In the first step, we use a holistic approach to identify the improvement and implementation potential of the product development processes and plan a comprehensive roadmap based on our many years of experience in R&D.
  • R&D Innovation – We analyze trends, new technologies and disruption risks and support you in realigning with an innovation strategy; we also help you to implement innovations by empowering your employees.
  • R&D Performance – With our multidimensional framework we help to manage and evaluate your R&D performance; the results enable efficient decisions for sustainable optimization of R&D.
  • Systems Engineering – We implement a holistic, integrated, transparent and flexible engineering value chain; the aim is to implement a “multi-speed” concept that increases flexibility in R&D and at the same time ensures quality.
  • Closed Loop eXcellence – This exclusive MHP approach helps to build closed processes, communication and information chains in internal and external value creation, ensuring continuous product improvement and a stronger customer focus.
  • Agile Engineering Network – We transfer the principles of agile work and project management into the processes and organizational units of product development; in addition to the training of methods, we accompany first projects as well as a company-wide agile roll-out.
  • R&D Digitization – This service bundles our complete competence in dealing with technologies, processes, methods, IT procedures and data in order to support the product development with the potentials of digital digitization.
  • Smart Factory as a Service – Together with our partners, we accompany you through the planning and implementation of fully scalable production units. This also includes consulting on topics such as financing and risk management.

Rely on the latest insights and technologies for the optimization and transformation of your R&D - with MHP as your innovation partner.

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