System Integration

MHP offers you a combination of specialist expertise and strong implementation.

We attach importance to the implementability of innovative processes, organization forms and models in IT-based systems in an integrated manner. All to the benefit of our customers.

Our consultants have excellent knowledge of the sector and profound expertise with regard to the supporting IT systems. We ensure the safeguarding of your processes in standard application systems from renowned manufacturers such as SAP, Oracle, IBM, Salesforce, Qlik and many more. In this regard, we support the specialized users from the efficient use of the systems through to the optimum function of their processes.

MHP supports all processes – from product development at the supplier to the delivery of spare parts from the retailer to the customer. In addition, we know the requirements for corporate management and offer concepts and solutions for a transparent decision-making process. In this connection, MHP is not restricted to the abilities of a single IT system. To provide optimum support of critical customer processes, we develop solutions and components also on the basis of additional standard packages (Digital Services and Solutions) or, if required, also with our performance in individual development.

In this regard, standard platforms such as SAP HANA are increasingly coming to the fore on which we carry out individual development projects with best-practice expertise – both in the area of corporate software and for mobile and online services. The result can be seen, for example, in networked vehicles.

We continually extend our competence – parallel to changes at our customers – and have well-founded know-how and significant experience in numerous applications and integration technologies.

We complement our local resources with nearshore capacities in a target-oriented manner in accordance with the respective situation. MHP offers you excellent system integration on the basis of MHP excellence criteria.

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