Changes to mobility

The rapid development of the digital technologies that are currently known by the acronym CASE (Connected – Autonomous – Shared – Electric) is forcing the market for mobility to restructure, which will be disruptive to the market.

This not only affects traditional OEMs, but also cities, transport service providers (both public and private), energy providers, insurance companies and others who are primarily provoked by digital companies entering the market to innovate new products and services and to collaborate across sectors.

Many questions, but even more answers: Focus in dynamic times

In all the hype around new mobility concepts and solutions, it is easy to lose focus. Our customers are dealing with questions such as:


  • Which digital services do I have to offer my customers in my role as an OEM in order to resist the power of digital platforms like Uber, Didi, etc.?
  • As a city, how should I develop the digital, transportation and energy infrastructure in the coming years in order to guarantee my citizens and companies the mobility that they require?
  • As a transport provider in a market dominated by Amazon, Lyft, etc., how can I positively further develop my market shares with innovative services?
  • As an energy company, does mobility simply mean the electrification of the drive train for me, or can digital opportunities open up new business areas for me?

The answers are varied, are usually inconclusive, and will only be developed and shaped over the coming years or decades. What they all have in common is the fact that most of them have a digital, service-based core. The task of finding this part of the answer and implementing it successfully so that it is future-proof will decide who will emerge as the winner once the markets have been restructured.

MHP is digitalizing mobility!

The fundamental understanding of MHP is that digitalization is a crucial tool for the challenges that are arising in mobility, but it is by no means the only way. Digital competence, open, non-proprietary thinking combined with a view of the bigger picture for the relevant sectors all guarantee our customers future-proof solutions.

Our multi-disciplinary team, which includes, among others, city and transport planners, platform economists, system analysts, designers, transport experts, founders and start-up owners right through to vehicle electronics engineers, allows us to create the entire digital value chain for mobility – from the formation of an idea, to establishing services and platforms, right through bringing this all together into the vehicle itself and creating future-proof solutions.

As an active player in the mobility ecosystem, MHP is maintaining an excellent network of start-ups and corporate participants in the mobility environment. We are happy to introduce this if it means creating tailor-made solutions for our customers and enabling innovative digital mobility services to be created. Travel with us to the future of mobility!

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Whitepaper: Autonomous Driving

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