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Grow individually and help shape the future.

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One for all and all for one. That’s the MHP Spirit. We’re much more than a leading management and IT consulting company: MHP is also a place where you can change the world with us – our customers’ worlds at least.

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Our culture is characterized by a strong team spirit and visionary strategies. Our team is collaborative, value-driven and clear. We are: Driven by Excellence. 

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  • Exploring Opportunities

    Find your perfect job or submit an unsolicited application – you can contact us directly via our job locator. By the way, we check all of our departments to see where your skills would fit best so only one application is needed.

  • Connecting

    We like to connect and see what we’ve got in common with an initial conversation. We clarify initial questions and possible further questions during a short check-in call.

  • Getting to Know Each Other

    We’ve come this far so we know that we want to continue our journey together. For us, the process of getting to know you is all about treating each other as equals with a final goal in mind; we like to meet people “in person” in an authentic way, whether that’s virtually or in the office.

  • Finding a Shared Path

    The decision has been made: your skill set, personality and experience are a match. Now let’s talk about contract details.

  • Making it Easy to Get Started

    We always share clear information about your first day as soon as we can. Our MHPStarterDays help to ensure that the onboarding process runs smoothly. Welcome to the team!


Why do several MHP job adverts refer to multiple offices?

Our projects span across the United States. Your assigned office is therefore not the most important factor. What counts is your flexibility and willingness to travel. Sometimes you will be working on site with customers, sometimes at home and on other days in one of our offices.

When can I learn more about salaries and benefits?

We will talk to you about your salary and incentives when we get to know you. You can learn more about the benefits that we offer in a detailed overview here.

What is a typical day like at MHP?

You can feel free to ask general questions when we call to check in with you. During the second step of our recruitment process, you will have the chance to learn more about the relevant department. Our colleagues will tell you more about our customers, innovations and project work at MHP. You can also get an insight into life at MHP here.

I’ve found a job that I’m interested in – is the position still open?

Let’s just say yes and no. We don’t “fill” positions as such – our job adverts provide a general description of the type of candidates we’re interested in. Our recruitment process is more about getting to know each other and seeing how your professional and personal skills match with our current and future setup. You can feel free to apply for any advertised job or submit an unsolicited application. Either way, we will see together how you fit in.

I am interested in several jobs. Will one application be sufficient?

We are an agile project management company, so our recruitment team is as adaptable as the rest of the business. We review your application against positions across the entire company – even if you have applied for a specific job. Our goal is to find the best match between you and MHP. The specific job is irrelevant.

Who is my contact?

We decide who will handle your application once we have reviewed it against positions across the entire company. The relevant recruiter will be in touch.

How do I find out how far I am through the application process?

The current status of your application can be found in your Job Locator profile. If you have already spoken to our recruitment team, feel free to follow up with your contact in the team if you have any queries. We strongly believe in offering a personal and efficient application process that treats you as our equal.

How is the “new normal” being handled at MHP?

In our opinion, everyone should have the freedom to work where they are most productive, in an environment that is suited to their tasks and individual preferences. In the consultancy business, regular contact with customers and members of our own team – whether face to face or virtually – is as important as ever. Our aim is to continue working remotely for the most part, while also enabling our employees to achieve the best balance between their private and professional lives.

I still have some other questions.

No problem. Feel free to contact us by email: recruiting-americas(at)mhp.com

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