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About MHP Romania

MHP Consulting Romania is a subsidiary of the German process and IT consultancy firm MHP, which was founded in 1996. MHP has been involved in the Romanian market already since 2010 with partners in the area of software development. Our successful market presence and the continued international orientation strengthened the decision to set up locations onsite in Romania.

From our headquarters in Cluj-Napoca, MHP Romania offers - with our team of over 500 employees – services ranging from application management to process integration to customized developments since its foundation in January 2014. Starting 2019, we consolidated our reginal presence, opening a new office, in Timișoara, dedicated to SAP infrastructure services, software development and Digital Services.

Today, besides our offices in Cluj-Napoca and Timișoara, we have colleagues all over the country, working fully remote for MHP.

Vision & Mission

MHP‘s special advisory approach is the symbiosis of management and IT consulting. As a digitalization and mobility expert active in the areas of management consulting, system integration, managed services, and digital services & solutions, MHP optimizes and digitalizes its clients’ processes along the entire value chain.

We, at MHP Romania, create the basis for our customers, partners and employees to utilize their full potential – and to make tomorrow‘s
world an even better place to live in. For us this means: We give strategic impulses, integrate intelligent technologies and convey innovative methods.

Always driven by excellence – and in keeping with our own purpose:


Our values

Excellence is our fundamental philosophy.

We strive for excellence in everything we do – from the daily work with our clients, to the execution of our processes, to the implementation of our strategy. This claim is reflected in our 8 corporate values, which are firmly anchored in our corporate culture.

Based on our values, a distinctive leadership culture makes a crucial contribution to the MHP corporate culture and thus to the successful implementation of our purpose. Ultimately, this defines us as One Team – together, we shape a better tomorrow.

  • Partnership

    Partnership means successfully working together as a team and jointly achieving our goal. We understand partnership to mean lasting, continuous, trusting collaboration on equal terms – with our customers, providers and partners.

  • Passion

    We are passionate about our cause! Because we identify with MHP and what we do – and enjoy it – we work with dedication and enthusiasm.

    It’s this passion that makes us successful and innovative, taking us and our customers forward.

  • Empathy

    To us, empathy means creating an atmosphere in which people’s unique qualities and circumstances are recognized and respected. This promotes motivation and satisfaction, which become plain to see. We also place great value on personal relationships and equal interaction.

  • Authenticity

    Authenticity comes from bringing our individual strengths and defining qualities into the team, as promoted by our corporate culture, and using this diversity to encourage creativity.

  • Integrity

    Integrity is what we need to earn and justify the trust of employees and customers in MHP. Integrity means that we follow through on our promises, comply with our guidelines and values and take responsibility for our actions. It is an absolutely fundamental requirement for long-term business relationships.

  • Value Creation

    Our ambition is to use our knowledge and expertise to find solutions that create value – both for customers and for MHP. This requires an approach that is both pragmatic and economic, but that does not cut back on the creativity required to find tailored solutions to problems.

  • Entrepreneurship

    We act in the interests of the company by investing in opportunities in a risk-conscious and economic way. This way, we boost performance and create value.

    Our entrepreneurship creates capacity for development and freedom and ties in with MHP’s successful past – this is how we promote growth and achieve ambitious goals.

  • Expertise

    Expertise is both a distinguishing feature and a guideline for us. Technology and process expertise are at the forefront of what we do. Our affinity with technology is demonstrated by the way in which we drive and successfully implement transformation and solutions for our customers.

What sets us apart?

MHP enjoys a high degree of trust among its employees and stands for shaping the future, perspectives and individual development.

Our people are entrepreneurial minded technology enthusiasts, willing to succeed as a team. And they are the focus of our actions. We cultivate a culture of appreciation and are delighted to have a diverse workforce.

Excellence, for us, means focusing continuously on the needs of our customers and our employees.