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How not to fail your Content Hub

Content Hub @ DMEXCO

Do you already bundle and streamline all online marketing activities of your company in a central place?

We at MHP go one step further and create a Content Hub as a central space for user-needs oriented content that displays it at the relevant touchpoints in a classified and personalised matter.

At DMEXCO we have given a presentation on this topic and want to summarise the most important points for you again here.

3 common fails

Most common mistakes organisations make

Content Hub projects often do not generate the outcome they are projected to generate or even lack a convinicing approach to start the project. In our experience, there are three main reasons that cause Content Hub projects to fail.

  • #1 Silo thinking

    Internal structures of an organisation are often transferred to the outside. Different departments create their own content for the same audience.
  • #2 Unsuitable Next Best Actions

    Users of company interfaces are often "left alone" with the content: It does not provide meaningful conversion options to trigger further actions.
  • #3 Generic content

    Often all users are shown the same content despite their different interests and needs.

5 best practices

Recommendations we would like to share with you

We summarised the most important best practices that we learned in past projects for you. That leads us to five concrete tips on how not to fail your Content Hub.

  • Forget about your preferences and think inbound focused!

  • Stop producing random content and align on strategic goals!

  • Avoid chaos by creating a content classification!

  • Think big and integrate your corporate infrastructure.

  • Stop spamming and focus on relevant content!

Meet us @ DMEXCO

Complexity moves us - We are a motivated team of the Customer Experience (CX) department at MHP with a heart beating for Content Hub topics. We constantly adapt our focus to the market and consumer needs.

MHP is a leading management and IT consulting firm with over 3,200 employees in 16 offices worldwide. Our consulting approach is based on the symbiosis of management and IT consulting.

CX services @ MHP

Below you can see a part of the team that will be available for you on site at DMEXCO. You are also welcome to contact us by email or directly via the DMEXCO App to arrange an appointment.