New MHP add-on for SAP Business Intelligence


Now that development has been completed and the final release has been issued, we would like to introduce the latest member of our add-on portfolio, namely the MHP add-on BI Admin Toolbox.

The MHP Add-on BI Admin Toolbox will, in its first rollout, include two tools, which support BI system operation.
The "database monitor" module automatically provides you with an overview of the disc space used by all BW objects in order to counteract uncontrolled database growth in BI systems. Objects, which are growing in a disproportionate manner, can be identified and forecasts can be derived for future memory requirements by means of evaluations in addition to the identification of gaps in the system's operating concept (e.g. no deletion of PSA tables).
The "process chain monitor" module allows for an analysis and comparison of previous process chain data loading activities of the BW system. An optimised display of the runtime and the moved data volume serves as a support when searching for the reason behind a deterioration in the runtime and features additional possible data loading windows.

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