Industry 4.0

Automated, accelerated, and flexible processes

Industry 4.0 has raised huge expectations. With the close connection of the physical and virtual world, companies want to further automate and accelerate their processes, and make themselves more flexible in the process. Orders are to be processed not only quicker, but also with enhanced efficiency. Studies forecast an average increase in productivity of 18 percent up to 2020, and additional added-value of 78 billion Euro by 2025. Huge potential!

Examination of technology, strategy, and IT integration

Many companies have long recognized this potential and want to use it. So far there have been very few concrete projects. This is mainly due to the fact that in light of the many opportunities huge complexity arises along the entire value-added chain. Companies often lack the focus or direction, they do not succeed in structuring the topic. And this hinders important activities.

A strategic approach to Industry 4.0 therefore starts with a comprehensive and systematic examination of all aspects of industrial networking and digitalization. Technology, as a major driver, is to the fore. The strategy and the IT integration can be deduced from the technology.

MHP is therefore the right partner:

  • MHP developed the MHPIndustry 4.0 Framework, which allows a comprehensive examination of the technological and digital impacts on the company and its value-added chain
  • MHP set up the MHP Technology Catalog, which lists details of the relevant technologies using fact sheets and profiles, and links them to use cases and best practices
  • MHP is already successfully implementing initial Industry 4.0 scenarios

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