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Dominating the data driven world

Today competitive advantages are often the result of an intelligent analysis of huge volumes of data - i.e. BIG DATA. For example, products can be developed which are aligned precisely to the customers' expectations and bring them the greatest possible benefit. And what's more: The volume of data available today and the new analysis possibilities can form the basis for completely new business models. Up to now processes drove the data, in the future data will drive the processes.

Transformation to the data driven company

In order to achieve this, on the one hand an optimized and task-related information supply from all those involved is required in the company - and along the entire value-added chain. On the other hand, the data must be integrated in existing and new processes and business models. A prerequisite for this is the further development of information management in the dimensions strategy, organization, processes, technology, and competences.

The volume of data is not only simply increasing. It also constantly changes the requirements of companies. The companies can therefore also not understand their transformation to the data driven company as a clearly defined project. Instead the companies are faced with the task of constantly further developing themselves in the future. This requires agile structures and processes. Here the focus is on technological and organizational aspects. From a technological perspective, it is not only about the data collection and processing, but also about the incorporation of the results in specific applications. In terms of organization, companies need to define and build up the necessary skills, as well as stipulate the relevant tasks, among other things.

MHP is therefore the right partner:

  • MHP developed the BIG DATA procedure model "Data Driven Excellence", which targets change in the dimensions strategy, organization, processes, technology, and competences

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