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We not only know the processes inside-out but are also experts in the related technologies. And this across the entire value chain of your company. Following an extensive process analysis and targeted selection of application software, we develop the right technological solutions or adapt tried and tested solution components. We provide support during integration and administration. Our most important principle is that the technology must optimally support your objectives.

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  • CIO Management Consulting

    The IT strategy helps to identify the opportunities that IT provides and to determine their value for the company. It provides the impetus for new products, improved services and more efficient business processes. It structures and prioritizes the activities required to avail of these opportunities and describes ways to overcome obstacles and minimize risks.

    Selected service package:

    • IT strategy
  • System Harmonization

    On the basis of the MHP integration and migration procedure, we harmonize and consolidate complex, heterogeneous SAP and non-SAP system landscapes and business processes to create a higher level of efficiency. Master data is collated and customizing settings are standardized, while redundant system components and modules are also reduced at the same time. The result is cost savings and a strategic platform for the future development of information technology.

    Selected service packages:

    • Electronic Data Interchange EDI
    • Master data management
    • System integration
    • Data migration
    • RFID
    • IT basic services
  • Enterprise Content Management

    In recent years, an enormous quantity of unstructured information in the form of documents, email messages, videos, instant messages, websites and much more has amassed within organizations. This content is often in a condition that can best be described as disorganized chaos. This prevents an organization from using this valuable information to achieve joint utilization of knowledge, better communication with customers and greater process efficiency. With Enterprise Content Management (ECM) consulting solutions from Mieschke Hofmann und Partner, companies receive the support that they need to deal with these challenges.

    Selected service packages:

    • Portals
    • Interactive forms
  • Standard Software

    We use an integrated approach and take into consideration any process improvement and implementation opportunities in the standard software, while always keeping our focus on a high-performance overall solution that offers the greatest benefits to the customer. We also exploit the potential offered by classic SAP implementations and Enterprise SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).

    Selected service packages:

    • SAP e-commerce
    • Report engine
    • Software engineering for PLM systems
  • Individual Software

    Individual software solutions create identity, while also fulfilling the underlying need for companies to differentiate themselves. For this reason, individual software solutions will continue to exist in the competition-relevant application areas into the future.


Automotive Symposium 2010: Mobile Business – MRP to Go

Lecture presentation, SAP Automotive Symposium 2010

Dr. Henning Hinderer (MHP), Christian Stapel (MHP), Mainz 10.2010

Automobilwoche: IT Service Provider MHP Presents Apps for MRP

With “MRP to Go” the IT consulting and systems supplier Mieschke Hofmann

and Partner (MHP) has developed two Business Apps for the Apple iPhone

and iPad.  If material requirements are changed on short notice,

relevant decisions can be made quickly.

Krust, M.: IT-Dienstleister MHP präsentiert Apps für Bedarfsplanung. In: Automobilwoche. October 2010 See also, October 2010

Automotive IT: The technical future of RFID

RFID technology promises companies in the automotive sector, lean and accelerated logistics processes – but there are still hurdles to overcome.

Appl, J.; Kelkar, O: The technical future of RFID. In: automotive IT, 8.2009, pg. 42.

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