Supply Chain Management

The automotive industry is already taking new paths with innovative, lean and dynamic logistics concepts. And we know what direction this is going. Because we have been right there alongside the automotive industry for years – through process optimization in all areas. Particularly in relation to logistics, the heart of every company. And we optimize without interrupting normal operation. We do not see Supply Chain Management (SCM) as a line-up of different solutions. For us, SCM is based on an integrated, lean and flexible concept – from the customer to the supplier and back again. Our solutions for agile logistics ensure smooth supply reliability, which minimizes disruption costs and maximizes flexibility.

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  • Supply & Demand Planning & Forecasting

    The global and ever-changing supply chain network requires a solid and flexible supply chain design combined with optimized and reliable planning. MHP offers tried-and-tested solutions for:

    • Development of logistics strategies
    • Planning of optimal distribution, warehousing, goods flow and production structures
    • Definition of setup and workflow structures
    • Development of IT strategies

    We see a wide spectrum here, ranging from operative planning and production planning to sales and spare parts planning.

    Selected service packages:

    • Implementation of finite capacity and operations planning for the entire company in SAP SCM APO
    • MHP Value Assessment Inventory Management
  • Procurement & Quality

    The worldwide dependencies within the supply chain mean that sourcing and purchasing as well as all aspects of supplier-based logistics are becoming increasingly essential for the success of the complete network. MHP offers innovative process solutions for these topics:

    • The use of standards and individual solutions in line with requirements
    • Consistent avoidance of waste in warehousing, logistics and purchasing
    • Targeted process optimization in accordance with the “Lean Administration” philosophy
    • Innovative, industry-specific solutions and add-ons
    • Consistently process-oriented examination of all tasks

    Selected service packages:

    • Warehouse Logistics
    • Supplier Management
    • Quality Management
    • Lean Procurement
  • Production Logistics

    Your production system must be totally flexible to deal with the changing requirements in the market. We support you in analyzing the entire system of processes, resources, systems and technologies and in aligning your production network in the best possible way.

    Selected service packages:

    • Lean Production
    • Academy: SAP meets lean production
    • RFID in Warehouse Logistics
    • Operations Planning for the entire company
  • Sales Logistics

    Sales logistics focuses on customers and their desired products. Perfect processing in Sales is essential - from the recording of customer requests to on-time delivery of products to customers. We implement lean sales processes, supported by our application and process knowledge, innovative solutions and our years of experience with projects.

    Selected service packages:

    • Integrated Order Management
    • Vehicle Management System
    • JIT/JIS (just in time / just in sequence)
    • Foreign Trade Management
  • Service Management

    After Sales is a highly profitable business. Competition and customer requirements are increasing at the same time. This is prompting more and more companies to consider optimizing their service processes.

    SAP offers an extensive range of solutions for this, ranging from service-relevant tasks, such as repairs processing, maintenance planning and implementation as well as cost controlling to mobile solutions.

    MHP has extensive process and solution competence in these areas. Both in showing requirements with the SAP standard functionality, enhanced by specific MHP add-ons, and also in finding solutions to demanding and special topics.

    Selected service packages:

    • Repair and Maintenance Processes
    • Product Data Management
    • Sales Force Connection
  • Spare Parts Management

    Demands on the service and spare parts business in terms of the ready

    availability of parts and very fast delivery times combined with

    greatest possible process transparency are increasing continuously. MHP

    provides you with solutions for:

    • Increasing supply capability
    • Improving customer service
    • Reducing costs in inventory management and workflow processes
    • Optimizing the pricing of spare parts
    • A customer-specific IT solution and system architecture
    • The technical and organizational integration of regional companies and dealerships with different systems

    We offer tailor-made solutions in these areas:

    • Best Practice business processes
    • Our expertise for the introduction and optimization of SAP solutions
    • MHP process evaluation matrix

    Selected service packages:

    • MHP Value Assessment Spare Parts Management
    • Introduction of Spare Parts Management
    • Inventory Optimization
  • Supply Chain Performance Management

    You can only control things you can measure. In accordance with this

    rule-of-thumb, we determine the business-relevant KPIs, summarize these

    in a structure based on the SCOR standard and use this to create

    transparency for you, from operations level to management level. Benefits for you:

    • SCOR model ensures future security and benchmarking
    • MHP methods for determining, calculating and standardizing company-wide KPIs

    Selected service packages:

    • MHP Value Assessment Supply Chain Controlling
    • MHP Supply Chain Controlling

Business Solutions


SAP Automotive Symposium 2010: Porsche AG - IT requirements for lean production

Presentation from SAP Automotive Symposium 2010

Marc Geckeler (MHP), Albert Frankenhauser (Porsche), Mainz 10.2010

Automotive Symposium 2010: Mobile Business – MRP to Go

Lecture presentation, SAP Automotive Symposium 2010

Dr. Henning Hinderer (MHP), Christian Stapel (MHP), Mainz 10.2010

Automobilwoche: IT Service Provider MHP Presents Apps for MRP

With “MRP to Go” the IT consulting and systems supplier Mieschke Hofmann

and Partner (MHP) has developed two Business Apps for the Apple iPhone

and iPad.  If material requirements are changed on short notice,

relevant decisions can be made quickly.

Krust, M.: IT-Dienstleister MHP präsentiert Apps für Bedarfsplanung. In: Automobilwoche. October 2010 See also, October 2010

SAP Spectrum: Monitoring process quality

Fears about the economic crisis are far from averted in the German

automotive industry. However a high level of process quality will help

to ensure the company’s survival. Dr. Oliver Kelkar, Senior Manager at

Mieschke Hofmann and Partner, highlights improvements in the interview

Kelkar, O.: Die Prozessqualität im Blick (Monitoring process quality). In: SAP SPECTRUM. 12.2009, p. 42-44.

E3 spezial: Collaboration made easy with interactive PDFs

The transparent and seamless documentation of products and processes

requires that the persons involved in the various departments network

with each other easily. Adobe’s interactive PDFs represent a

high-performance and intuitively usable tool.

Kelkar, O.: Kollaboration leicht gemacht mit interaktiven PDFs (Collaboration made easy with interactive PDFs). In: E3 spezial. 11.2009, p. 13.

Konstruktion & Entwicklung: The potential of iPDFs

Are you looking for transparent and seamless documentation? Adobe’s ‘interactive PDFs’ (iPDF) are an easy-to-use tool for this.

Kelkar, O.: Das Potenzial der iPDFs (The potential of iPDFs). In: Konstruktion & Entwicklung. 11.2009, p. 24-25.

SPS Magazin, IT & Produktion: RFID - Pioneering technology close to breakthrough

Radio frequency identification (RFID) has been in the starting blocks

for some time. RFID is a technology for invisible and no-contact product

identification for lean and accelerated logistics processes. However

its use is lagging behind expectations.

Kelkar, O; Appl, J.: RFID - Zukunftsweisende Technologie vor dem Durchbruch (RFID - Pioneering technology close to breakthrough). In: SPS Magazin, IT & Produktion automotive 2009. 11.2009, p. 40-41.

Automotive IT: The technical future of RFID

RFID technology promises companies in the automotive sector, lean and

accelerated logistics processes – but there are still hurdles to


Appl, J.; Kelkar, O: The technical future of RFID. In: automotive IT, 8.2009, pg. 42.

ZfCM: Data quality management in supplier controlling

Case studies, architecture blueprint and recommendations for action

B. Otto; H. Hinderer: Datenqualitätsmanagement im Lieferanten-Controlling (Data quality management in supplier controlling). In: Zeitschrift für Controlling & Management./ Weber, J.; Hackmeister, D.; Hess, T.; Schäffer, U. (Hrsg.)./ Wiesbaden, 53. Jg, H1 2009, p. 2-10.

Automotive IT: Interview with Dr. O. Kelkar - Less is more

Oliver Kelkar on process control in the German automotive industry and the conflict between quantity and quality.

Dunker, H.: Interview with MHP - Weniger ist mehr (Less is more). In: automotive IT. 2.2009, p. 39.

CIO magazine: Standard with teething problems

Even though the QDX (Quality Data eXchange) standard for the exchange of

data between manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive industry has

been in existence for two years, experts estimate "QDX conformity" vage

at "between 20 and 80 percent".

Schmitz, A.: Standard mit Anlaufschwierigkeiten (Standard with teething problems). In: CIO spezial II. 6.2007, p. 6-8.

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