Human Resources

Making available personnel in the right capacity, with the required skills, at optimal costs. This is the main challenge faced by the human resource management (HR) of any company.

The prerequisite, in this connection, are finely honed HR processes. MHP is, to the same extent, a driver and supervisor of these processes. We think outside the box, bring together what is meaningful and create the basis for something new to develop. With our customised strategies and IT-supported process solutions, we will together break the mould and thus ensure the long-term success of your company. We bring about visible changes and ensure that your employees can achieve their full potential.

We make HR successful – and successful HR!

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  • Planning

    Having the right number of employees available with the right skills at the right point in time is decisive for the success of your projects, investments as well as value-added processes. This process as well as the current and future employee structure must, in this connection, be planned and actively shaped by sustainable processes. MHP has many years of experience in creating and implementing intelligent processes and solutions for companies of all sizes so that they can avail of perfect HR planning.

    Selected Service Packages:

    • Strategic Workforce Planning – ensure that your company is able to act, at any time, and in a sustainable manner thanks to our intelligent planning processes
    • Personnel Planning – tapping the full potential
    • Personnel Cost Planning – visualising values and cost management

    IT Solution Portfolio:

    • SAP: Personnel Cost Planning, Workforce Planning, SAP HANA, MHP Business Solution, Personnel Requirements Planning
  • Sourcing

    From employer branding to applicant management to onboarding. MHP will develop a customized process for your company that suits your recruiting requirements best. Via a system of intelligent processes and creative ideas, we will give you the required competitive edge so that you can acquire the desired prospective employees.

    Selected Service Packages

    • Employer Branding – how you can make your company stand out and come across as an attractive employer
    • Selection Process – where and how you can find and win over the right employees
    • Applicant Management – how you can efficiently implement the process with the right IT
    • Integration Processes – the best way to onboard new employees and keep them there in the long term

    IT Solution Portfolio

    • SAP: eRecruiting and Applicant Tracking
    • PeopleSoft: Candidate Gateway, Talent Acquisition Manager
    • MHP Business Solution: Online Application
  • Affiliation

    Attracting new employees is one thing, keeping them another. Our modular system of perfectly running processes greatly influences employee satisfaction and thus employee loyalty – both inside and outside the company. Together, we will design processes that will make your company even better. You will thus actively practice employer value management – the employees you attract will thus increase the value of your company in the long term and you will experience less employee turnover.

    Selected Service Packages:

    • Employee Loyalty – become and remain a good place to work for your employees
    • Employer Value Management – actively manage company values
    • Triple A processes – increase employee motivation with excellent processes and at the same time become efficient and effective as a company
  • Performance

    Performance management directly links employee performance with corporate success. We use powerful tools, such as smart remuneration models, KPIs, target agreement, employee evaluation – tailored to your company’s situation – for this purpose so that your employees are motivated to become the driving force behind value added in your company. We draw on our extensive experience, numerous implementations and flexible solutions to achieve the best results for you. MHP will thus help you show what your company is made of in terms of performance!

    Selected Service Packages:

    • Tools – make your employees the value added driving force of your company via KPIs, target agreement, employee evaluation and smart remuneration models
    • IT Implementation – create the right solution and controlling for the respective process
    • HR Controlling – visualise the value contribution of HR using simple tools

    IT Solution Portfolio:

    • SAP: Performance Management, Business Intelligence
    • PeopleSoft: Performance Management
    • MHP Business Solution: Remuneration framework agreement-based employee performance management
  • Development & Talent Management

    Finding the right balance between the demands you make on your employees and optimally supporting them is decisive for the long-term success of your company.

    The focus here is the intelligent linking of the following: identifying employees with high potential, career models and succession planning as well as training and development models focused on value. You will be able to tap your full potential with MHP processes and systems. We will accompany you as you develop into a high-performance organisation.

    Selected Service Packages:

    • Potential and Career Management – identifying persons with high potential and developing attractive career models
    • Talent Management – thinking ahead, the best solution for your system
    • Succession Planning – know-how and competence-based HR planning as a success factor for high-performance organisations

    IT Service Portfolio:

    • SAP: Potential Management, Succession Planning, Remuneration Management, Learning Solution, Talent Management Core, Talent Relationship Management
    • PeopleSoft: Learning and Profile Management
  • Transition & Change Management

    Change management and organisational development are activities that can still not be regarded as routine. Even though, constant change is nowadays a permanent part of corporate reality. Sustainability and successful changes require well-thought-out processes and their careful 'nurturing' and management. Change management is, in particular, part of the day-to-day business in HR – in relation to the company’s business focus as well as workforce. With a combination of extensive experience and a wide range of tried-and-tested processes, we offer you customized and standardized solutions for your HR area.

    Selected Service Packages:

    • Change Management – shaping company changes to ensure long-term success
    • Workforce Management – how to make real resource management from pure employee administration
    • Labour Turnover Management – what makes the difference and how to best influence this
  • Administrative Core Processes

    Mapping a process-oriented and efficient HR infrastructure is still one of the biggest challenges for companies. IT solutions can, in the meantime, cover the majority of the legal and procedural requirements. Great challenges are frequently posed, however, by the arising complexity. MHP delivers processes, which are flexible enough to react to the constantly arising changes, and provides these, at the same time, with a lean design.

    Selected Service Packages:

    • Lean Administration – how to build up your administration processes without frictional losses
    • Personnel Administration – how the obvious becomes a given

    IT Service Portfolio:

    • SAP: Personnel Administration, Organisation Management, Authorization Management, Payroll Accounting, Employee Time Management, HR Renewal, Employee Self-Service, Manager Self-Service, Employee Interaction Centre with SAP
    • PeopleSoft: Core HRMS, Time & Labour
    • MHP Business Solutions: Employee Correspondence Management, Compliance & Authorization