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Who wouldn’t like to know what the future holds?

We master all current and review reporting methods, but we are much more interested in the future and providing you with reliable information for your business. Based on our extensive experience and expertise with regard to the latest technologies, we excel in extracting value-adding information from your company data. This results in the following: Value for your business, future, market position and last but not least value for your strategy.

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Dr. Hagen Radowski

CEO MHP Americas Inc.

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  • BI Strategy

    Negotiations can be more down to luck than anything else if you don’t have the right strategy. A long-term BI strategy increases user acceptance, allows for the development of a reliable platform, facilitates synergies between BI projects and thus creates the prerequisites for ensuring the success of your company with business intelligence.

    Based on your CURRENT situation, we develop a customised roadmap together with you, which is implemented on a step-by-step basis. Here we draw on our BI methodology, which contains the secrets to success from dozens of projects and renowned customers. The result is a plan, which presents your negotiation strategy as a target-oriented sequence of well conceived modules. We use tried-and-tested tools and approaches for this purpose:

    • Validated methodology with the MHP BI Roadmap
    • Definition of the right KPIs for controlling your business
    • Buildup and expansion of a successful BI Organisation/Competence Centre
    • Practical experience in template development and rollouts

    Selected Service Packages:

    • MHP BI Value Assessment “BI strategy”
    • MHP BI architecture and data modelling
    • MHP BI process model
  • BI Technology

    Innovations arise due to market requirements and technologies. We always have both on our radar. At MHP, we mainly focus on the 2 leading manufacturers of BI applications in terms of the required technology: SAP and IBM Cognos. Our product range also contains, however, special and frontend solutions.

    MHP offers the following for BI technology:

    • SAP Business Objects – Dashboard, Design Studio, Crystal Reports, Web Intelligence, Data Services
    • SAP BW
    • SAP BW on HANA
    • IBM Cognos
    • SPSS
    • Bissantz DeltaMaster
    • QlikView
    • Talend

    Selected Service Packages:

    • Architecture optimisation (LSA)
    • Performance Assessment
    • Data integration
    • Technology Toolbox
    • Authorisations
    • Market overview of BI & CPM solutions
    • Potentials offered by SAP Business Objects
    • Visualisation/Management Cockpits with SAP Business Objects
  • Integrated Corporate Planning

    We collaborate to jointly define your planning processes. Our approach consists of a company-specific solution based on predefined modules. Together we identify the key success factors for the planning process, project and planning application.

    MHP offers the following for integrated corporate planning:

    • Planning process modelling
    • Neutral and appropriate tool selection
    • Integration into reporting
    • Expertise from many successful planning implementations

    Selected Service Packages:

    • Tool selection from all manufacturers
    • Corporate planning with IBM Cognos
    • Efficient planning processes with SAP BW Integrated Planning and the Planning Application Kit
    • Financial planning with the SAP Business Objects Planning and Consolidation (BO PC)
  • Analytical Business Processes

    Based on your processes, we will support you in defining key performance indicators for efficient company control. We will provide you with the data model and interface for implementing your KPIs.

    MHP offers the following with our analytical SAP BI applications:

    • Process expertise from successful projects
    • Knowledge vis-á-vis the respective “Road Blocks”
    • Well conceived data models (Best Practices)

    Selected Service Packages:

    • Sales controlling
    • Procurement reporting
    • Analytical CRM
    • Quality Analytics
    • Engineering Analytics
    • Controlling & operating statements
    • Sales/turnover planning
    • Balance & P/L planning
  • Next Generation BI & Big Data

    Be it review reporting or insights into the future. Innovations, such as in-memory technology, make it all possible. It is not just a matter of speed. You need to understand the how and why, respective business and the opportunities opened up by new business models. We develop the right use cases and implement the in-memory technologies of SAP HANA, Predictive Analysis and Cognos TM1. It is not for nothing that we won the SAP HANA Partner Race:

  • Mobile BI Scenarios

    Business has been going mobile for years and this trend looks set to continue uninterrupted. This is facilitated by smart end devices. You can acquire the best employees via, amongst other things, a flexible work environment. This has partly nothing to do with the ROI, rather a must have. Our BI solutions deliver the most up-to-date figures and all important company information also to Smartphones and tablets. We will implement your customised solution optimised for your mobile end devices.

    Selected Service Packages:

    • SAP BO Mobile BI Apps
    • Portal on Device
    • Custom Apps with Sybase
    • IBM Cognos Mobile
  • BI Application Management

    Projects cost time, resources and money. The benefit with regard to the investment is initially reaped in the successful company. With MHP project management for business intelligence, we ensure a smooth transition from the project status to live operation. We support BI applications in a professional, cost-effective manner and provide system support for all applications. MHP’s BI application management functions in an integrated manner in the customer’s BI organisation (BICC).


Lecture Presentation: SAP BO Explorer – Performance At Your Fingertips

Lecture presentation at BMW Group IT-Messe

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