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At After Sales we focus on ensuring customer satisfaction at various levels. First, we offer solutions for proactive claims management to prevent dissatisfaction in the first place. Second, we successfully tread the line between outstanding supply reliability and replacement parts that tie down a minimum of capital. We enhance the profitability of your service management. And it’s all fully integrated into your supply chain. From overall planning through to integration of dealers and suppliers.

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CEO MHP Americas Inc.

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  • Spare Parts Management

    Demands on the service and spare parts business in terms of the ready availability of parts and very fast delivery times combined with greatest possible process transparency are increasing continuously. MHP provides you with solutions for:

    • Increasing supply capability
    • Improving customer service
    • Reducing costs in inventory management and workflow processes
    • Optimizing the pricing of spare parts
    • A customer-specific IT solution and system architecture
    • The technical and organizational integration of regional companies and dealerships with different systems

    We offer tailor-made solutions in these areas:

    • Best Practice business processes
    • Our expertise for the introduction and optimization of SAP solutions
    • MHP process evaluation matrix

    Selected service packages:

    • MHP Value Assessment Spare Parts Management
    • Introduction of Spare Parts Management
    • Inventory Optimization
  • Service Management

    After Sales is a highly profitable business. Competition and customer requirements are increasing at the same time. This is prompting more and more companies to consider optimizing their service processes.

    SAP offers an extensive range of solutions for this, ranging from service-relevant tasks, such as repairs processing, maintenance planning and implementation as well as cost controlling to mobile solutions.

    MHP has extensive process and solution competence in these areas. Both in showing requirements with the SAP standard functionality, enhanced by specific MHP add-ons, and also in finding solutions to demanding and special topics.

    Selected service packages:

    • Repair and Maintenance Processes
    • Product Data Management
    • Sales Force Connection
  • Warranty Processes

    Excellent warranty management has become an essential success factor for manufacturer and supplier. In many respects.

    So thanks to optimized process and IT landscape in the operational warranty processes, it becomes possible to reduce handling costs while increasing process quality. Warranty cases in particular represent a central input for product quality improvements, which can be tapped through systematic controlling.

    Selected Service Packages:

    • Warranty Intelligence
    • Process Consulting Warranty Management
    • Warranty processing on SAP basis


ServiceToday: Portal-based Databank as After-Sales Turnover Booster

In recent years, the After-Sales sector in machinery and plant engineering has grown steadily. In 2008 according to the VDMA industry federation (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbauer e.V.) After-Sales turnovers increased to 18.7 percent.  The Tognum subsidiary MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH also identified trade in downstream services as the No. 1 growth driver.  In order to create the necessary basis, the maker of propulsion and power systems introduced a portal-based IT solution with which it manages the wealth of product data.

Portalbasierte Datenbank als Umsatzmotor After Sales. In: ServiceToday. February 2010, pages 8-9.

Computerwoche: How MTU Exploits the After-Sales Turnover BoosterA

portal-based databank forms the basis for sales of downstream services.

Schwengers, M.: Wie MTU den Umsatzmotor After-Sales nutzt. In: Computerwoche October 2010, 8 March 2010.

Guarantee-cost reduction via holistic integration of warranty processing and controlling, in control loop of the error shutdown.

Lecture presentation

Ivo Schwarz, conference "IT-gestütztes und integriertes Gewährleistungs- und Garantiemanagement", Stuttgart, 15/16 October 2008.

Automobilwoche: Precision Analysis of warranty claims

IT-supported controlling helps improve the product quality of automotive vehicles. Result: a reduction of up to three percent of warranty costs.

Flörecke, K.: Exakte Analyse von Garantiefällen. In: Automobilwoche SPEZIAL IZB 2008. October 2008, page 10.

Automobil Produktion: Cut costs and retain customers

Intensified cost pressure and stepped-up demands for quality are increasingly focusing industry interest on the warranty management topic.  IT-supported and integrated guarantee processes boost customer loyalty and drive sales.

Schwarz, I.: Kosten senken und Kunden binden. In: Automobil Produktion Sonderausgabe Qualität. September 2007, pages 26-29.

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