Robotic Process Automation & Cognitive Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – from vision to reality.

Automate processes, reduce costs – these are achievable tasks with software robots. They are already successfully deployed in the areas of finance and controlling, purchasing, personnel and IT. But that's just the beginning: Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can also increase efficiency in other areas – MHP supports this.

The first step – automating recurring tasks.

In companies, numerous processes have to be completed to guarantee the smooth running of daily business. With Robotic Process Automation, many of them can be automated without having to adjust existing systems and applications. Particularly recurring, rule-based tasks such as order confirmations, master data creation and modification or data checks can be handled by the software robots.

The advantages are quickly explained: software robots significantly reduce costs, increase the quality of work results and work around the clock. Employees can devote themselves to more demanding and important tasks. In addition to reducing costs and saving time, software robots also increase employee satisfaction and are therefore anything but job killers.

RPA is much more than a "bridge technology".

Even though Robotic Process Automation is partly seen as a "bridge technology" on the way to AI-controlled business processes, we are confident that RPA will play a crucial role in the future. In addition to "classic" automation use cases, the technology will also achieve excellent results in complex migration projects, for example, in the direction of S4/HANA. In the future, RPA will act as a data supplier and thus lay the foundation for AI-controlled processes. Likewise, applications are conceivable in which the RPA technology creates new communication channels and user experiences together with chatbots - for inquiries or requests from authorities, but also from service providers and car manufacturers.

Many companies have already had good experiences with RPA systems in various departments such as finance and controlling, purchasing, HR and IT. In the meantime, more and more use cases from the areas of sales, after-sales and logistics have been added. They show that software robots have the power to make our daily work much more effective.

Why MHP is the right RPA partner.

With our extensive process and IT expertise in the automotive and manufacturing environment, we are one of the few consulting companies that can provide end-to-end consulting for Robotic Process Automation.

Our RPA services include, among others:

  • Advice on the introduction of a digital automation strategy
  • Identification of an RPA Potential Map and First RPA Use Cases
  • Execution of process analysis workshops
  • Advice on the creation of suitable billing models (T-shirt sizing)
  • Business Case Creation for RPA Use Cases
  • Advice on RPA technology and the best partners
  • Advice on the creation of the right application management, service and governance model
  • Agile planning, implementation and operation of software bots
  • Conceptual consulting and implementation for the establishment of a RPA Competence Center
  • Set up change management and communication process

Increase the efficiency of your business processes - with MHP's RPA expertise!

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