From technology to infrastructure: We take a holistic view of e-mobility

The age of electromobility has begun: OEMs are providing the basis for a whole new range of models and customers are being given substantial political incentives. And even though the infrastructure is still under construction and the public charging market in some areas is still a veritable jungle of different rates and tariffs, the electrification of our roads is increasingly taking off.

Electromobility is a highly complex topic: To penetrate the end-to-end value chain in a holistic way requires a deep understanding of the subject. This includes vehicle technology, public and private charging infrastructures, and network expansion, as well as charging services and the connection to customer-friendly ecosystems and the business models behind them. Only if all these aspects are seamlessly linked together can the transition to mobility succeed.

MHP has adopted a holistic view of these areas from an early stage; entering into partnerships in the energy sector, implementing pilot projects in the charging ecosystem, and publishing studies on the subject.