Design Management

Design is all about shaping the future.

Although we cannot predict the future, we can think ahead and shape it. In this sense, we think of the ability to shape the future as a company competence – and as an opportunity to positively influence our living and working environment. Together with our customers, we develop this competence in companies to create user-centered products, services and experiences.

We repeatedly achieve our goal, through the interaction of different methods from the following fields:

  • Futurology
  • Research
  • Ideation
  • Prototyping
  • Visual design
  • User testing
  • Innovation management

This can relate to individual problems or to the development of a holistic, user-centric vision for the entire organization and the associated future user experiences.

With our design sprints, we develop new solutions for our customers in a goal-oriented and user-oriented way. To achieve this, we work in an interdisciplinary manner – with design experts, as well as technology and business experts. The focus for us is always on the relevant users; whether they be customers or employees. Design sprints help to consistently align projects with the needs of users.

  • Building design systems and employee experience.

    Establishing uniform standards through a company-wide design system ensures that it is not only the company that benefits from efficiency and synergies.

    In addition to developing new user-centric products and services, we also focus on positively influencing the experience for the employees within an organization. When designing organizational systems, we identify and take account of the people who actually use these systems and involve them in our approach. Consistent experiences in digital and value-oriented ‘new work’ approaches can be used to significantly boost employee productivity and motivation. Companies benefit from this in the long term, as intuitive concepts facilitate the acceptance of and familiarization with new work processes and tools. By positively shaping the employee experience, we strengthen the company identity, flexibility and appreciation, and support the shift in corporate culture toward an employee-oriented organization.

  • Design leadership and anchoring design in the organization.

    Our consulting approach aims to build up our customers’ understanding of design as well as design as a competence and attitude. Fully in line with our aim to enable you to shape a better tomorrow. Design is more than just shaping or aesthetics; it is the ability of the systemic management and analytical decision-making ability of an organization to develop new solutions.

    Corporate culture and management levels need to be rethought if we are to anchor design effectively within the organization. This requires the establishment of a design leadership that ensures design is anchored and aligned with the different levels of the organization.

    It also helps to ensure that decisions to develop new solutions are always made on a systemically analytical basis. A well-founded design leadership therefore reinforces organizational realignment.

  • Why MHP is the right partner for design.

    At MHP we have extensive experience in building up design expertise within organizations – both in individual projects and with a holistic view of the entire organization.

    Our strength lies in the development and implementation of solutions for different organizational challenges in interdisciplinary teams. We do this on an equal footing with our customers and always together with the users and a diverse network of experts. We then analyze the results from various perspectives to ensure sustainable success.

    We help you to understand the importance of design for a company and to identify specific applications. We believe that design can be successful if understanding and competence are incorporated into projects and process changes from the very beginning. This is the only way to prevent last-minute, costly mistakes early on and to avoid solutions that do not bring any added value for the user.

    Shape the future of your company, with strategic, methodical and technological support from MHP throughout the entire process.

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