Design is more than visual design.
The future can not be predicted - it can be thought ahead and designed. Together with our customers and using our user-centered approach, we develop the right products, services and experiences. We understand the ability to shape as our core company expertise as well as an opportunity to change the world in which we live and work in our favor.

Change through design
Specifically, at MHP, we work with a strong focus on organizational transformation. In doing so, we always ask ourselves whom we are developing a solution for and what objectively moves the people behind a problem. Through the combination of different methods in the field of future scenarios, user research, innovation management, ideation, prototyping and user testing, we gradually move towards our goal. Step by step, we are thus nourishing our concrete implementation and accompanying it through agile approaches and design competence.

With our way of doing things, we always want to emphasize the importance and influence of design on the business company's strategy and structure. This is how we identify opportunities, create innovative business models and enable sustainable growth for our customers.

  • Is design considered beautiful and decorative in your business?
    We help understand the true meaning of design and identify possible uses for your business.
  • Are you developing expensive applications your users do not need?
    We help you incorporate design into your projects and your organization at the earliest possible stage to avoid late-stage development and non-value-added solutions for the user.
  • Does design mean creation and sustainability for you?
    We look forward to accompanying you on this journey and helping you to establish design in your company both holistically and strategically.

MHP as an ideal partner

  • MHP has extensive expertise in the application and establishment of design competence in both individual projects and the entire organization.
  • MHP works in interdisciplinary teams with customers, users and a diverse network of experts to develop solutions for your problems and evaluate them from different perspectives.
  • MHP integrates design and associated methods individually into your procedure in both small and large organizations at all levels.

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