Blockchain - the log book of the future.
More security, lower process costs - Blockchain has the potential to change our business world fundamentally. For which areas does the technology make sense? MHP supports mobility and manufacturing companies entering the blockchain era - strategically and technologically.

The potential of Blockchain
Hardly any topic is currently electrifying as much as Blockchain. And rightly so: The underlying Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) opens up completely new perspectives for cooperation through its decentralized and redundant database structure.

Wherever transparency and the seamless and unmanageable documentation of digital data streams must be ensured, the blockchain advantages come into operation. For example, blockchain-based smart contracts can make supply chain relationships much more efficient and secure. In the same way, general financial transactions between business partners can be simplified. Thinking ahead, Blockchain can also open the doors to entirely new business models.

The challenges for companies.
Many companies have already recognized the potential. What is often lacking is the clarity for which applications Blockchain lends itself. We became aware of four challenges in exchange with our customers:

  • Many companies lack the technical know-how
  • So far, there are only a few mature technologies and best practice approaches
  • Blockchain requires a fundamental rethinking of existing business relationships
  • Integration into existing systems presents challenges for companies

MHP as a blockchain accelerator.
MHP starts at the very beginning: We provide companies with a basic understanding of Blockchain as a first step. Then, in an iterative and user-centered process, we identify potential use cases that match the respective process structure and improve it.

We support companies in developing a sustainable, meaningful blockchain strategy - including all steps from conception to implementation, including the selection of appropriate blockchain / DLT and complementary technologies, such as AI. Our customers benefit from our many years of IT and management expertise - a mix of know-how that guarantees a high level of strategy, technology and method competence.

This is exactly what is needed to find out where Blockchain fits as technology is not always the right solution. This is why we use established design thinking and business modeling methods as well as our tools such as the Blockchain Canvas to develop specific fields of application - always based on the real challenges and goals of the customer. Of course, we also consider possible effects and changes in the business model resulting from a blockchain integration.

Blockchain added value through a strong network.
Together with a network of reliable partners, we implement blockchain projects specifically for the mobility and manufacturing industry. For example, we work together with our long-term partner SAP to use their SAP Blockchain Platform to integrate the technology into the existing ERP landscape. Also, we cooperate with innovative blockchain start-ups as well as specialized legal consultants. MHP is the integration specialist for blockchain applications.

You would like to get to know successful blockchain projects? Let us know and we will send you our use cases.

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