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Expertise for autonomous driving.

This much is certain: The mobility of the future will be characterized by autonomous vehicles. They enable innovative mobility services and more security but require the automotive industry to make massive adjustments and extensions to its value-added processes. MHP accompanies the transformation with strong process, data and IT know-how.

Sharing services and Robo-Taxis

Mobility has become a valuable commodity - not without reason is it one of the global megatrends that are closely linked to progressive urbanization and more flexible working conditions. However, it is precisely in urban regions that mobility is increasingly reaching its limits: Passenger and goods traffic is constantly increasing, but there is no room for more infrastructure. At the same time, environmental problems and the number of accidents are on the rise.

Autonomous vehicles are an essential impulse for solving these problems. They have the potential to make our mobility more efficient, more sustainable and safer. However, the costs of automation will be so high in the foreseeable future that the classic business model of selling cars to individual owners will only work to a limited extent. More promising are sharing models (Mobility-as-a-Service) with Robo-Taxis, controlled by intermediate digital platform providers.

Big challenges for the automotive industry

The automotive industry, as the previous Mobility Enabler, is forced to make far-reaching adjustments to all value-added processes - from R&D to customer service, from primary to secondary processes. Autonomous vehicles also offer automotive players the opportunity to expand their old product-oriented core business with the services of a mobility service provider.

This change is currently leading to particular challenges for OEMs and 1st tier suppliers in the automotive industry: They have to invest a lot of energy and money in the development and validation of autonomous vehicles - especially on the way to high (level 4) and full automation (level 5). In addition to new and expanded vehicle technologies, this requires above all the extensive use of IT technologies and data management.

An example: In order for autonomous vehicles to recognize their environment and react dynamically, a large number of sensors deliver vast amounts of data every second. The real-time fusion of sensors in the vehicle in combination with communication with other vehicles is therefore of great importance. Also, up-to-date and precise maps in HD quality, as well as high-performance cloud systems, must be integrated via 5G mobile radio technology. Safe driving is also supported by AI solutions with machine learning algorithms and integrated big data management. But more IT technology and data also mean that end to end security and secure lifecycle management will have to be given even more consideration in the future.

Why MHP is the right partner for autonomous driving

With MHP, we are pursuing a unique consulting approach: We combine process, data and IT know-how - especially for the area of autonomous driving, always state-of-the-art and at the highest level. In this way, we support companies in the automotive industry in one of their most significant challenges. Our services include, among others:

  • R&D process transformation for Data Driven Engineering
  • Performance analytics and development metrics
  • End-to-End architecture management
  • Digital validation
  • Efficient data ingest and validation
  • Integration of sensors and sensor fusion up to the cloud backend
  • Application development & management of service platforms
  • Secure Lifecycle Management (End-to-End)
  • Project management and agile coaching

Be one of the pioneers of autonomous driving - together with MHP!

Whitepaper: Autonomous Driving

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