Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: Driving Revolution.

At MHP we realize that Artificial intelligence revolutionizes everything! This revolution raises many questions and uncertainties. Above all, however, it provides us with countless and completely new opportunities. Together with our customers, we embark on a journey to seize these opportunities. We accompany them with our comprehensive technological and methodical know-how along the AI value chain - from strategy to proof-of-concepts to highly scalable, efficient productive AI solutions.

More often than not, the AI-journey starts with a set of questions common to all industries:

  • What can AI do for my business?
  • How can AI be used to gain a business advantage?
  • How will advances in AI impact and transform my business in future?
  • How can we prepare for these imminent changes today?

At MHP we use our extensive expertise to not only provide conceptual answers to these questions, but also to design, build and run AI solutions that provide a tangible competitive edge.

The first steps in artificial intelligence are often considered quite straightforward: Data scientists are hired to quickly identify patterns in data or calculate predictions in proof-of-concept projects within a laboratory environment. These patterns and predictions often have great potential for adding value in business processes. In 80% of all cases, however, it is currently not possible to leverage this potential, because scaling of proof-of-concepts to a productive and fully integrated software solution fails. This is mainly due to the growing variance of data outside controlled laboratory environments and the high complexity of productive IT architectures and infrastructures.

We understand that the exploratory enthusiasm involved in data science must be combined with rigorous software engineering principles to produce results that go well beyond a proof-of-concept. Over the past 5 years, this mindset has resulted in CRISP-AI, our own project approach for AI projects.

What customers can expect from AI@MHP:

  • Consultancy in all aspects of Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Language & Sound Processing, ranging from AI strategy integration to solution implementation.
  • Interdisciplinary AI consultants with a unique combination of data science, system architecture, development and integration skills.
  • AI solutions aligned with, and integrated into business processes as opposed to one-off, stand-alone data science algorithms based on standard platforms.
  • CRISP-AI: our dedicated project framework for AI projects.
  • The full “AI experience” at our MHPLabs.

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