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Plan the future in the technology workshop

Digitalization also sees an exponential increase in data volume. There is huge potential here for many business processes. The companies are indeed aware of the benefits, some are implementing BIG DATA projects. However, a strategy is often missing. "Those who are in control of data can shape the future", states networking and digitalization expert Fabian Kehle who reveals more about this on 1 February 2018 in the technology workshop. There was already an interview on this topic in the run-up to this event.

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TV interview: Automobile industry - New start or dead end?

In our study "The impact of digitalization on the workforce in the automobile industry", we established that there would be a dramatic risk for jobs in the automobile industry up until 2030 resulting from digitalization. We published the study at the end of July 2017 here in the blog. Meanwhile, similar results have been announced from other investigations.
Stefano Esposito, our HR expert, author of the study and a partner at MHP, stated his opinion and interpreted the results in a TV interview last week.

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Aggressive Acceleration in Engineering - Ready for take-off for the digital engineering value chain

The big day arrived in September: The SU Digital Transformation/PLM invited guests to Berlin for the MHPExecutiveCircle – the location of the event was our MHPLab, which was the perfect venue thanks to its creative and stimulating design that encourages communication! The event was titled "Aggressive Acceleration in Engineering" and our invitation followed 25 decision-makers from diverse industries, primarily from the strategic focus areas Mobility and Manufacturing.

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OpEx Innovation Day - Rock im Park, so what?

The Innovation Day of our Operation Excellence Cluster was on the agenda shortly before my vacation. Off to Nuremberg (to probably the best MHP office) in the morning, and right into the middle of chaos. But to be honest, nobody at MHP could do anything about the exceptional state in Nuremberg. On the contrary, this was down to the party-goers at Rock im Park, who had turned the entire city into a party mile.

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