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The electric car as part of the Internet of Things - Why the Smart City will be so important in future

Electric cars are coming - there's no doubt about it!

Electric cars will be networked and autonomous to an extent that was previously unheard of!

A very large amount of data will be generated in the process of using these cars, which will be of interest both to the OEM and other parties. 

In future, this data will be a form of capital and an article of exchange.

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In 2020 we will have no traffic congestion!

Autonomous vehicles will lead to the end of all traffic congestion! A wonderful vision, but it will still take some time before all cars are self-driving. However, could it be possible then that a small number of self-driving vehicles would be sufficient to prevent traffic congestion? Some researchers at the University of Illinois examined precisely this question and studied it in practical terms. The results are astonishing.

It seems to be the case that a small number of vehicles equipped with autonomous driving functions would already be sufficient to significantly reduce the occurrence of traffic congestion. So-called congestion waves and their occurrence are examined in this paper, which I would like to briefly present here.

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