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#MSWS2017 Morgenstadt Werkstatt at Fraunhofer IAO on 28 and 29.11.2017

Next week it's time again - The Morgenstadt Werkstatt at Fraunhofer IAO will begin. Already last year, the event was very inspiring, informative, creative, and somehow also very cool in a relaxed atmosphere. There were lots of impulses, talks, workshops, a makeathon and many exhibits to be experienced. The participants were a diverse mixture from the worlds of politics, city administration, business and science - and they were all also present as citizens. This resulted in good discussions on how we want to organize our Morgenstadt.

And to allow everyone to sound out in advance what awaits them and with whom they can exchange ideas, there are audio-interviews with the protagonists that can be listened to in advance.

Our Fabian Kehle will speak on the joint project LivingLaB, in brief the organization of Morgenstadt Ludwigsburg.

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