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we kindly invite you to our networking event „First Tuesday“ with snacks and cold drinks, starting at 6 pm. The aim of the night is to network as well as to pitch hot topics, projects and startups. Have fun, ask questions and share ideas!

ADAS: tomorrow's tech in today's cars

As the industry & the public look forward to self-driving cars, the technologies needed for full autonomy are already being implemented today. ADAS - Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems - is an often-overlooked but rapidly developing area that is critical to the future of mobility.

Join us for an expert discussion at the June 4th edition of #FirstTuesday "ADAS: tomorrow's tech in today's cars." Moderated by Tanja Kufner (MHP), the lineup of innovators & market leaders will debate the technologies enabling increased autonomy, as well as the challenges and opportunities in the market right now.

Fingers crossed the weather plays nice and we can continue the networking over cold drinks and warm snacks on our terrace by the Spree.

Sign up and stay tuned for the speaker announcements!

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“In the age of digitalization, the collaboration between startups and corporates can offer new opportunities. Corporates, established companies and medium-sized enterprises have excellent practices for manufacturing products as well as marketing them.

When it comes to forcing an environment of creativity and innovation, these enterprises often fall short. Startups are the polar opposite. Their teams are creative and consist of out-of-the-box thinkers to generate innovative solutions and develop new business models. The biggest challenge in their case is to successfully scale their business. For this reason, MHP has established the MHPLab in Germany’s mobility hub Berlin that serves as a platform in order to bring different topics as well as different people together.”


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02.07.2019 – "Traffic"
06.08.2019 – "Design"
03.09.2019 – "Digital Workplace"
01.10.2019 – "Change"
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