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we kindly invite you to our networking event „First Tuesday“ with snacks and cold drinks, starting at 6 pm. The aim of the night is to network as well as to pitch hot topics, projects and startups. Have fun, ask questions and share ideas!

Smart Factory as a Service - Leveraging product effectiveness by seamlessly integrating engineering and production

Our mission behind Smart Factory as a Service (SFaaS) is to plan, build and run a fully scalable smart production facility and its enabling digital twin with our partners empowering our customers to deliver product innovation, variants and derivatives in greater speed, smallest lot sizes and highest efficiency at no fixed costs.

To achieve this, the interface between engineering, production and logistics has to be seamlessly integrated. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions, especially in the fields of semantic data modeling, Human Machine Interaction (HMI), and digital twins of products, processes and resources are key to Smart Factory as a Service success. The SFaaS approach itself as well as some innovative IIoT concepts will be presented on our MHP First Tuesday.



Speaker: Jannick Hartmann
Holo Light merge the real with the digital world with the goal to support industrial workers and develop industrial AR software technology.

Speaker: Christian Lutz
Crate offers a technology solution that enables data driven efficiency improvement through the use of input from the production process, combining it with the knowledge and experience of subject matter experts, and supporting a production team with real-time notifications. The Crate IoT Machine Data Platform offers real time data monitoring combined with a rules based guidance system and is highly scaleable.


Speaker: Stefan Suderack
Renumics proprietary machine learning techniques enable their customers to easily automate their CAE workflows and to access them from simple, easy-to-use interfaces.

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“In the age of digitalization, the collaboration between startups and corporates can offer new opportunities. Corporates, established companies and medium-sized enterprises have excellent practices for manufacturing products as well as marketing them.

When it comes to forcing an environment of creativity and innovation, these enterprises often fall short. Startups are the polar opposite. Their teams are creative and consist of out-of-the-box thinkers to generate innovative solutions and develop new business models. The biggest challenge in their case is to successfully scale their business. For this reason, MHP has established the MHPLab in Germany’s mobility hub Berlin that serves as a platform in order to bring different topics as well as different people together.”


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