Sustainable Mobility

Holistic view of the future supply chain

To view the electric car alone as future mobility would be misleading in our opinion. We are taking a holistic approach, along the entire supply chain – starting with the raw materials to the transport routes and production methods – with ideas and solutions to achieve the Paris climate objectives.

Together with our customers we are developing adaptations and agility cushions in the design and implementation of supply chains, which are due to alternative drives. We are working on a process-oriented methodology for the CO2 footprint in transportation and in ongoing production operations. The aim is to attain a holistic, individual CO2 footprint of a product.

Electric mobility – Opportunities for manufacturers and suppliers

Electric mobility will be the game-changer for our industry, By calling into question virtually all core competences and processes by players outside the sector, a change was initiated which has not been seen since the mass production by Ford in the automotive industry.

On the one hand this is associated with a high risk; however, the ensuing opportunities are even higher on the other. The supply chain is changing rapidly as a result of Industry 4.0, the power of data, or 3D printing. Data acquisition and analysis in real time lead to greater flexibility, efficiency, and quality in production planning and control.

The "Electric Mobility" book published by MHP, together with the University of Pforzheim and Siemens, provides a detailed industry overview. It also presents interesting approaches and ideas on how completely new innovations can be created for present and future mobility using existing core competences.

MHP is therefore the right partner:

  • MHP boasts in-depth expert know-how
  • MHP developed an innovative method, in order to develop and optimize value stream design using green KPIs
  • MHP looks ahead to the future, for example how the supply chain can be controlled by CO2
  • In our InnoLabs we test solutions with our customers and partners

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