R&D Transformation

“How can I make my company robust for dynamic markets and short technology cycles?”
“What services will I offer my customers in 5 to 10 years?”
“How do I generate maximum value from my existing product portfolio?”

Today many companies are now asking themselves these questions. R&D and product management provide the answers – for example, they create innovative products and services from initial ideas. Here it is necessary to make the right decisions in the early phases of the product life cycle, in order to guarantee subsequent growth and profitability. Convincing products and short product development processes can only then be realized when R&D is perfectly aligned.

The optimal alignment of R&D firstly means ensuring a high level of customer orientation, particularly with strict and rigorous management of requirements. It is also important to use the mostly limited development resources purposefully – we call this “Engineering Effectiveness”. For successful products and services to emerge at the end from the requirements and projects, a constant flow of information along the entire value-added chain is extremely important. In this context, we develop and implement both appropriate product models as well as high-performance IT systems for our customers. Our competences in this field range from classic PLM software solutions to measurement data management or closed loop manufacturing.

As a partner of many R&D and product management departments, we are familiar with many new technology and market trends. We are therefore also happy to get actively involved in the R&D decisions of our customers, be it in the form of Business Model Workshops or in the subsequent implementation of operating models. Our focus here lies in automotive mega trends such as connectivity, electric mobility, and autonomous driving.

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