Holistic HR-IT strategy

Digitalization brings about major changes in the working world: New technologies are being used in more and more tasks and make human workers increasingly dispensable – the greater the degree of routines, the easier it is for automation. At the same time, new job profiles are arising, where creative impulses, holistic thinking, and technological know-how and expertise are required. Example: The data scientist who creates knowledge from data. To find, acquire, and retain such talented professionals for a company is a demanding challenge for the HR departments. Digitalization can help here. A holistic HR-IT strategy is used as a basis – cloud and analytic technologies are central elements in the process.

Cloud technologies digitalize HR functions

When used properly, cloud solutions raise HR functions to a new level. For instance, hitherto heterogeneous process and system landscapes can be harmonized, processes can be accelerated, and manual processes can be digitalized. Access to all information is made possible – and from everywhere. Cloud-based self-services are also playing a key role in creating an excellent employee experience. This is a decisive task in the 'War for Talents'. And: Cloud solutions can be effortlessly scaled, which optimally supports global expansion.

HR analytics for optimal decisions

Today companies have numerous data with a HR reference. However, up to now there has been little systematic usage of this data to prepare decisions – or the desired results are not achieved. There is massive potential in the analysis. For instance, the evaluation can be used to identify how high the migration risk among top performers is, what factors lead to increased fluctuation, and whether this fluctuation has a more positive or negative effect in a certain job family. In addition to structured data from internal systems, unstructured information from external sources, such as social networks, is also used to gain insights.

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