HANA Transformation

Transform your company with HANA as the basis for digitalization and innovation

The topic of HANA has been on the agenda at many companies, certainly since the launch of S/4HANA by SAP in February 2015. Previously known and used primarily as a database in the area of BI, HANA and its associated solutions (meaning the product as a whole incl. database and all known HANA-based solutions) are increasingly penetrating into the entire corporate world, paving the way for digitalization and innovation in companies.

Unlike previous SAP launches, release changes etc., HANA is not about replacing/modernizing the current system components. Instead, HANA provides new functions that result in more advanced possibilities, real-time applications, changes in working methods and a completely new user experience - to name just a few of its advantages.

Within this context it is particularly important to select the right strategy from the beginning, combined with the support of a strong partner.

From Preparation to Transformation and Innovation

Changing your current infrastructure over to HANA is not something to be taken lightly. Various factors must be taken into account when doing so. The important thing is to get the project started on the right track as early as the preparation phase, then analyze the different options and tailor them to your company and its future focus.

We have created our Transformation Package for this purpose. Phase 1 (Preparation) will guide you through the first readiness checks, process analyses and infrastructure design, as well as the decision whether to implement an on-premise, cloud, hybrid or other type of solution. Phase 2 (Transformation) incorporates the actual transformation process such as setting up the infrastructure, performing the migration, optimizing and developing the user experience. Once you have laid the foundation of your system with these steps, this is followed by Phase 3 in which we work with you to address the topics of digitalization and innovation.

It does not matter whether the system in question is an ERP, SCM, CRM, BI or any other kind of system. We have experts in all of the different areas and they will provide you with co-ordinated support for HANA.

Why is MHP the right partner for you?

  • We focus on supporting our customers throughout the entire process, from their initial contact with HANA, defining their HANA strategy and embedding it into their overall IT strategy through to the complete transformation process including the identification and implementation of innovations.
  • In order to fulfill market requirements within the context of HANA, MHP founded the "Center of Excellence for SAP HANA" in May 2015. For MHP, SAP HANA is not just a new database and S/4HANA is not just a new product. For MHP, HANA is one of the most important pillars in the your company's digitalization process and the cornerstone of innovation.
  • With our MHP Transformation Package, we have designed different modules for the respective phases. These will allow us to guide you through the transformation process with well thought-out and proven process models.

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Senior Manager

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