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Selling via many channels

The sale of cars has followed clear rules for many decades: Customers with a high brand loyalty visited their local dealership, took the car out for a test drive, and then made a decision relatively quickly. This has since changed. On the one hand, because loyalty to a brand is steadily falling. And on the other hand, because the dealership is no longer the only sales channel. Customers can not only configure vehicles online, but also order them directly on the net - and this is something they also want to do. Future retail will differ significantly to sales today. Shaping the future of retail to one's own advantage is a task that needs to be tackled jointly by manufacturers and retailers.

Enthusiasm throughout the customer journey

In each case the focus is on the customer experience. The customers have to be impressed along the entire seamless customer journey, in order to gain their long-term trust in a brand and excite them about a brand. And this does not end with the sale of a vehicle. The experiences customers gain in service are decisive. Manufacturers and retailers therefore need to create analog and digital interaction possibilities and services, which are aligned precisely to the needs of the customer and are seamlessly interlinked.

A prerequisite for this is an unrestricted information flow between OEMs and car dealerships – Connected Cars will soon have to be integrated as standard. A connected car transfers, for example, data to the IT system of the OEM, from which findings on usage behavior and thus also the appropriate models can be deduced. The manufacturer can then play a commercial in the cockpit of the car at precisely the right moment – and directly offer an appointment for a test drive at the preferred car dealership. As the dealer is informed of this process, he then has the desired model ready for his customer. Complete vertical and horizontal trade integration is essential for such scenarios to be successful.p>

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