Connected Car

From automotive manufacturer to mobility service provider

The automotive industry is changing dramatically with the networking of vehicles. Customers no longer make decisions about the purchase of a car based on the design and engine power alone. The infotainment system and the available apps play an equally important role. Brand loyalty is becoming more and more fragile. Drivers are turning to the manufacturer who promises the best experience. At the same time, enormous volumes of data are made available to the OEMs. And they can use this data in order to constantly stay in contact with the customer, retain the customer, and offer them additional services. These are huge opportunities. But there is also the risk that new players establish themselves on the market - most notably the technology giants.

Customer experience and new business models

The OEMs are thus facing the huge task of reinventing themselves. In the future they shall no longer only be engineers who design and manufacture innovative cars. They already excel at doing this. Now they are app developers and service providers. Car manufacturers become mobility service providers. In order to successfully manage this change, the OEMs must reposition themselves - establish more flexible ways of thinking and working methods, expand their skills and competences, and integrate processes end-to-end. And: It is imperative the focus is on the customer throughout all their actions.

Connect Car services, via which vehicle manufacturers and customers are in contact with each other, are key. The OEMs are responsible for developing services which offer the drivers an extraordinary customer experience, and promise them valuable insights and additional sales.

MHP is therefore the right partner:

  • MHP combines in a unique way its many years of experience in the automotive industry with comprehensive IT and technology expertise and know-how
  • MHP boasts competences on all levels in the Connected Car environment: from the development of a strategy to the design of services through to the engineering of the software in the vehicle and the sensor system
  • MHP has not only designed, but also executed, use cases for the monetization of Connected Car services

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