CIO Roadmap

Transformation to value-added IT

Up to now the IT department had a tough job in companies. The IT department had to provide the necessary functions and support the value-added business processes. It only generated costs, however, and did not contribute to adding value. Allegedly at least. This perception is currently changing completely. Because in the digitalized world everything is based on technology, IT is an integral component of products and their eco system. Not only in the Connected Car, but also in the networked runner or in the smart fridge.

CIOs shape the transformation

The importance of embracing IT departments within the company is therefore increasing. At the same time, they must find answers to numerous new questions, and assume a variety of tasks with which they scarcely had any contact up to now. All this cannot be realized without a strategically aligned transformation. And the starting point for the transformation is the CIOs, who have a clear vision of the digital future.

If the CIOs want to achieve their objective, they need a strategy, a digital roadmap. The focus is always on the value contribution of the technology for the company. The central aspects can be deduced: An IT organization with precise efficiency, IT processes which optimally support the digital business model, and optimal architecture, platform, and operating concepts.

MHP is therefore the right partner:

  • MHP is able to link business and IT aspects right from the start - thus creating not only targets and visions, but also concrete architectures
  • MHP also draws on experiences from lean management for the transformation to the value-added IT
  • MHP is familiar with the requirements of CIOs and their typical conditions from numerous projects, and can therefore optimally accompany and support them during the transformation

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