A distributed common truth

Blockchain – a technology which, as a distributed common truth, is able to store data records in encrypted form and decentralized, and thus with complete chronological transparency, can substitute non-existent trust in a network. As intermediaries are superfluous in this peer-to-peer network, and there is thus no central source of errors and no central point of attack, security and transaction efficiency are maximized. The resulting opportunities are huge.

Identification of real blockchain use cases instead of implementation of the second-best solution

Many companies have long since recognized the theoretical potentials. On account of the wide range of possible areas of use, however, access to this technology has so far proven to be difficult. There is often uncertainty as to whether Blockchain is the right technology for a specific use case, and whether investment - which is not inconsiderable, depending on the form - is worthwhile. This costs valuable time.

Why MHP is the right partner

We therefore begin with a systematic review of identified use potentials with regard to their "Blockchain suitability". With the implementation of promising use cases, we benefit not only from our profound process and technology know-how, but also from our solid network in the industry and the start-up scene worldwide. At the same time, we keep the initial investments for you as low as possible by selecting a scalable procedure (pilot projects).

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