Agile Organization

Well-prepared for the accelerated world

General economic conditions which have been valid up to now are undergoing fundamental changes with increasing digitalization and networking of the world. Thanks to new technologies companies are working together in a virtual environment across all continents, are operating more efficiently, and above all are creating innovations faster. Young, dynamic start-ups are establishing themselves on the market using completely new business models, and thereby calling into question many aspects. And the customers are constantly expecting new products - immobility punishes them cruelly.

Today agility is a must

For companies this means: They must speed up, and, for example, shorten the time-to-market for a new product considerably. And they have to be able to respond flexibly to new developments, adapt dynamically to changes. They can no longer afford rigid structures and processes. An agile organization is an absolute must in order to guarantee a company's operational capacity and competitiveness.

In the context of company organization agility means: In addition to a stable framework with a long-term focus, companies also need structures which allow them to act flexibly and quickly. Responsibility must be decentralized, decisions also need to be made beyond the usual hierarchies - and adapted to current developments where necessary. The trick is combining stability and dynamics.

MHP is therefore the right partner:

  • MHP boasts extensive experience in combining the stable old world with the dynamic new world
  • MHP combines methods from lean management with agile procedures
  • MHP has successfully implemented numerous transformation and change projects

Marcus Schueler

Associated Partner

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