Creating A Better Normal

Before we keep working, we need to do our homework.

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing companies and employees to rethink and reshape their idea of work, collaboration and policy like never before.

The main goal right now should be to protect employees, secure supply chains and maintain performance to build a sustainable business environment that lasts during this upheaval and beyond.

In order to do that, we need to do our homework – by acknowledging that the world of business and the world of work are undergoing a paradigmatic change.

We have gathered crucial information on how to keep up performance and save ressources during the COVID-19 pandemic, by taking an in-depth look at operations, strategy and controlling within the framework of Agility, Longetivity and New Work.

It’s time to shape our vision of tomorrow – and that’s what BETTER NORMAL is here for.

MHP Services

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Corporate Performance

Innovation Management

In times of upheaval budgets for innovation projects are the first to be cut because innovation is commonly known to be tech-based and to require long-term resources. However, companies that do innovate right now turn out to be the most resilient. On the following slides we’ve gathered crucial insights on how to manage innovation successfully – laying the cornerstone for business stability and agility.

Take it away!

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Keeping up with performance

Our Corporate Performance & Restructuring offering aims to assist our clients to overcome pressing challenges today and to deliberately put plans into action. Stabilizing measures lay the foundation to shape the strategic roadmap in a strictly value-driven manner.

With focus on the impact of measures on top and bottom line as well as liquidity, we offer a sound methodology to bring your performance back on track now and in the long run.

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Keep Your CTO Management Organization Running

The current situation is forcing us to work in unforeseen ways.

But much like any challenge, solutions are near when we look closely.

Here are three insights on how to rethink business routines, efficacy and teamwork.

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Survive Under Uncertainty

In times of uncertainty, securing liquidity seems like a logical reflex.

This however affects any mid- or long-term project, especially in R&D, crucial for business continuity.

We believe that reprioritizing and rescoping projects in smaller buckets is a decisive factor to survive under uncertainty.

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Responsive Supply Chain

Agility and flexibility have been buzzwords for a while but it sure looks like the current situation is asking for nothing more than rapid responses based on fast and intelligent planning.

We’ll show you what it takes to set up a responsive supply chain that is resilient and high-quality at once!

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The current situation is asking for radical operational changes in order to maintain long-term business stability. We believe that those changes can only be implemented with an intelligent transformation of your workforce. Let's have a look at what this means in detail and in how far a machine-learning solution can help you successfully create new skillmatching opportunities.

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New Work

Stay home. But stay a team.
Staying home is doable. But keeping up cooperation, inspiration and a common belief, regardless of all technological strategies and digital tools? That’s a whole other ballgame. Therefore it is time to radically rethink the way we work.

But how?

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Digital Leadership

We can all agree on one thing: At the beginning of the year 2020, the world was a different place – including the places of work.

We believe that real leadership means more than just reacting to change, but shaping it – especially in challenging times like these.

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Sales / Customer

Immersive Experience

During the current situation, our ability to adapt and thrive to the new ways in which we must work and manage our businesses is essential. As we step away from our office spaces, factory floors and genius invention labs we wonder: how can we continue to fascinate the customers for whom our products were built? One answer for continued customer momentum could lie within the world of altered state reality. In other words, one of MHP’s immersive experience technologies, the Elastic Content Platform (ECP) brings product delightment to your customers home now.

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Generate additional revenue

Talking about smooth sailing may sound like heresy in the current situation. But when it comes to digital services and monetization, that’s exactly what you want to offer business customers: a smooth, individualized backend system that allows for a safe and transparent customer experience.

Let’s have a look on how to optimize digital services now in order to generate additional revenue in the long run.

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Integrated Planning

Covid-19 is turning companies and their workflows upside down.

Therefore, it is more imperative than ever to connect and consolidate the complex variables that enable an enterprise to keep thriving.

We believe Integrated Planning does exactly that – step by step.

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Investment Controlling

In times like these resources become a scarcity that leave companies to the risk of managing conflicting investment projects with double efforts and no tracked benefits.

We believe that investments need to be in alignment with an overall strategy and digital ventures in order to reap benefits for the times to come.

Fancy knowing how? Have a look here!

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