The countdown is on to the new BBL basketball season!


Press conference to mark start of 2014/15 season shows our MHP RIESEN team to be looking ahead with confidence to the new season.

Ludwigsburg, September 25, 2014 – Our MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg team is looking ahead to the upcoming season with a positive development on the credit side and - at the same time - a clear awareness of the strong competition that exists in the league.

At the press conference to mark the start of the new season, the chairman, trainer, players and sponsor representatives shared their thoughts and opinions with us on what the new Beko Basketball Bundesliga season will hold for the MHP RIESEN.

Journalists as well as representatives from sponsors and the City of Ludwigsburg gathered in the TLT Sports Lounge of the MHPArena to discuss the new BBL season, which will start on October 2.

We first heard from Ingo Guttenson (Marketing manager at MHP – A Porsche Company) and Andreas Küchle (Marketing manager at Sparda-Bank Baden-Württemberg), who reviewed the cooperation with the MHP RIESEN over the last season and provided us with their outlooks for the upcoming season from the sponsors' perspective. Guttenson was, in particular, able to report on an excellent cooperation with the MHP RIESEN and MHPArena (City of Ludwigsburg) in the case of the naming rights sponsor MHP. The media presence and level of awareness of MHP have significantly increased due to their commitment to the team and city. It is also great news that the key players from last year's playoff team have been kept and that we succeeded, last season, in setting a new attendance record in the MHPArena.

Alexander Reil, Chairman of MHP RIESEN, had the following to say about the new season: "The great preseason that we enjoyed counts for nothing in the new season. We are starting from zero again. We wanted to increase our budget by 10%. We have succeeded and even slightly exceeded this target".

"The region is basketball 'mad' and has great potential" confirmed John Patrick. The head coach of the MHP RIESEN is confident that his team has the potential to be even better than it was in preseason. Patrick included though a big "however" in the same breath: "The other teams have partially made major upgrades to their squads. There are 13 to 14 teams that could conceivably make it to the playoffs. Our first objective is to stay in the league. Once that has been achieved and we are in good shape with regard to staying free from injuries, then we will see how things go".

Shawn Huff and Chris McNaughton reported on how things are in the team. Huff declared again what a great experience the World Cup in Spain was for him. The Finn was naturally not able to hide his disappointment about missing out on the last sixteen. Huff was open when asked about his contract extension in Ludwigsburg: "It was ultimately an easy decision for my family and I. We like it here in Ludwigsburg. I like the atmosphere at the games and in the club." The new signing Chris McNaughton is also looking forward to the start of the season, particularly as he and his wife Ashley feel like they are in safe hands in Ludwigsburg.

"As the naming rights sponsor of MHP RIESEN, we wish the whole team a BBL season that is characterized by excellence and team spirit just like our consultancy business. An active partnership is an important part of our corporate philosophy. For this reason, we are - together with all the RIESEN fans - looking forward to exciting games and the great atmosphere in the MHPArena Ludwigsburg." says Ingo Guttenson.

The BBL season 2014/2015 will start for the MHP RIESEN with 2 difficult games in a hopefully sold out MHPArena
against the Telekom Baskets Bonn on October 2 at 20:30
against last year's champions FC Bayern München on October 5 at 17:00.

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