"The boys have already made history"


Interview with Dr. Ralf Hofmann about the performance of MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg

Dr. Ralf Hofmann is founder, shareholder, and Chairman of the Managing Board of MHP, sponsor since 2012, and main sponsor and title sponsor of MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg since 2013. In an interview he comments on the performance of the Ludwigsburg-based basketball team in a tournament for the German championship in Munich.


Dr. Hofmann, where will you watch the finals?


Ralf Hofmann: "On the TV. I'll cheer on the team in front of the TV, like probably most fans of our MHP RIESEN basketball team."


... and you're expecting a win?


Ralf Hofmann: "Of course, we would be delighted with a win, but these boys have already made history for the Ludwigsburg team, indeed for German basketball. Anything else now is a bonus. I know John Patrick and I am confident: Our team will put their heart and soul into the game and do all they can to win."


How did you find the tournament in Munich?


Ralf Hofmann: "It was a major sporting event and the organizers deserve a special mention. To organize something like this in difficult times, then to get through three weeks without a single incident – compliments to those responsible for organizing the event and also to the players. It was a magnificent advertisement for German organization skills and for the Basketball Bundesliga (BBL)."


And what effect has the success of the Ludwigsburg-based RIESEN on the commitment of MHP?


Ralf Hofmann: "We have been partners of MHP Riesen and also the MHPArena in Ludwigsburg for 8 years now. Our loyalty and partnership do not depend on individual games or results. But we are, of course, delighted with the nationwide response to this appearance. We had five live games shown on Sport1 – the appearance of the MHP RIESEN was always professional, dynamic, and very successful. Also the streaming on Magenta Sport and the countless newspaper articles, where our name is linked to the basketball wonders. It's phenomenal. But do you know what?


We're curious...


Ralf Hofmann: "...I am equally pleased for the managers, for Alexander Reil, for John Patrick, for the entire training team, for the players, and the staff. They worked hard for this and are being rewarded now. You can't forget the starting situation: Carrington and Leissner in the USA, Konga injured. Hard-fought play-offs against Bavaria and Ulm, pushed beyond their performance limit three times in a row – and then to surpass themselves once again in the fourth game despite the injuries – I'm speechless. Not forgetting that John Patrick included five young players in his squad who completed the program at the Porsche Basketball Academy. This development is huge for all basketball fans – and for us too of course."


And what's the key to success?


Ralf Hofmann: "First and foremost, all the persons involved, the Chairperson, the trainer, the players. And, above all, the excellent team work. This is also consistent with our philosophy: Team work, as "one team" and "excellent team players", is at the top of the list. The tournament in Munich shows what is possible when all elements work hand in hand. And this not only applies to sport."


What would you like to see for the finals?


Dr. Ralf Hofmann: "First of all, I'm really sorry that the fans of MHP Riesen cannot be in the arena due to the current pandemic. They all deserve this and I am already looking forward to MHP Riesen games in the MHPArena when this is possible again in the future. At the weekend I'd like to see two exciting and fair games, in which our MHP RIESEN perform like they have done over the past three weeks. And no matter what the outcome of the finals is, we are all proud of our RIESEN team!"


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